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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Connecting at the Clinic

Very often on my own blog, I gather up my thoughts by writing a Daybook.  It's a writing exercise that basically provides prompts including I am thinking, I am wearing, I am wondering, etc.  I started a Daybook post last week and got to the line prompting me to list what I am learning.

It is true that there are lessons to learn in every day, in fact, in every hour, no matter our age, our education, our IQ.  I'm learning lessons far more difficult to learn than algebraic equations and scientific formulas.  Everyday in every situation, I still have so much that I do not know.  Some days it is just realizing that the learning curve on how to get grass and dirt stains out of white baseball pants is very . . .well, curvy?  Some days it's learning that people, including me, make mistakes and while grace and forgiveness are hard to give, they are necessary and they are healing.  Some days it's learning yet again that if I don't want to wake up with a tummy ache I shouldn't eat three sugar cookies for dinner.

And then there are the lessons God is teaching me about life and perspective and love and grace and faith through my work with pediatric cancer.  Lessons that many days stem from questions that are ongoing and frustrating and seemingly without answers.

One of the newest endeavors for Kyle's Kamp is a monthly clinic visit.  We come up with a theme and bring crafts and snacks to share with the children receiving treatments that day.  I revel in the coloring and the glue and stickers because back in my early mothering days, the Skinner boys generally lasted about 3.5 minutes at the craft table.  I jump at the chance to do art work and play board games.  We chat with parents.  We play "make dinner" with a little boy who puts a banana in the pretend coffee pot in the pretend kitchen.  Kids come in and out and all of their names make it to my prayer list and take a place in my heart.  And I try to imagine as they scoot in with IV attachments or skip in with ports or wheel over in chairs that there is not madness happening among the silliness of making "banana coffee" and not darkness happening among the glitter and jewels and brightly colored stickers.


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