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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Independence Day Message to Kyle

Dear Kyle,
Game 1 was a bummer, huh?  You practiced so hard everyday and we thought it would be different.  We thought we would have this Independence Day off to celebrate and swim and eat hot dogs.  But hey, now you get another shot at a victory on that hot, dusty baseball field.   And really, on a day such a this, what would you rather do than play baseball?

Today, you may win and you may lose.  I am feeling a win today, I really am, but even if it's a loss, guess what?  It is summer and it is the 4th of July and you get to play your favorite game in the world with your best friends in the world.  You get to stand next to that guy who has been your teammate since you met when you were both 5 years old and swung at a ball on a tee and had to hold tight to your batting helmets because they were too big and wobbled when you ran to first base.  Your team gets the lucky privilege of wearing a uniform of red, white and blue today.  You get to look at that flag in the sky and sing the National Anthem and please, focus on the words today.  You get to listen to your name announced over the loudspeaker and hear fans cheer you.  You get to give everything you have and know that you have done your very best for yourself and for your team.

And if you lose, you will take off your hat and you will shake those other boys' hands and you will know this:  You have been blessed beyond measure.  He has created in you a big heart, a big courage and a big capacity to love.  No matter what happens today, He has given you big things. And His plans for you? I believe they include big things.  What you should remember today is that one of the most precious blessings He has given you is that you have a home in the greatest country in all the world. 

Be strong and courageous, Little Thunder.  Be grateful and gracious.  The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace....He is your biggest fan.  How 'bout that, kid?


Leslie Roberts Norman said...

Fantastic stuff and Amen. I read it aloud to William, John, and my sister, Dana. Dana said "She really has a way with words!" Happy 4th to your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping things in perspective for me. I can always count on you to do it! I wish I had read this before the game yesterday and maybe I wouldn't have felt so stressed and disappointed.
Mrs. C.