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Monday, December 24, 2012

{these Christmas moments}

I am going to try so very hard to focus on each simple, special extraordinary moment this week - to be truly in each one and not looking toward the next.  I'm not going to lie and say it is easy for me even though we have been slammed in the face this week with the realization that our moments can be gone, forever lost, way too quickly and way too soon.  There is just not enough time, people.  There isn't enough time today.  There is not enough time at all.  So what are we going to do with that knowledge?  I'll tell you what I'm going to try to do with it.  Again, I'm saying, try.

I'm going to notice that the house will not be perfect.  I'm going to notice that the mantle decor is not symmetrical.  I'm going to notice that the new area rugs are still curling up on the ends.  I'm going to notice that my Black Cherry OPI gel nail polish that isn't supposed to chip is chipped.  I'm going to notice that the reindeer cookies don't really look like reindeer and that I can't get the pretzel antlers to stick.  I'm going to notice that I should have bought a stronger smelling Christmas candle because it smells like a basketball team in here. I will notice, again, that there is a gaping hole in the Christmas tree and no matter how much I move those sparkly ornaments around, I can't get it filled in just right.

And then, this is where the trying will come in:  I'll notice the Nativity scene in the dining room.  I'll notice that the King of Kings was born in a stable, y'all . . . with cows and sheep and donkeys. I'll notice that Mary doesn't seem to be worried about the smell.  I'll notice that Mary doesn't seem to be worried about her manicure.  I'll notice that the Prince of Peace is not asleep on a cushiony rug, but in a wooden manger.  I'll notice that Mary is not at all concerned about the gaping hole in the tree because she is so overcome by her precious baby boy and the light that He brings to this dark world.  I'll realize that all the things I notice including that gaping hole in the tree are just symbols of the gaping hole in our hearts.  I'll remember to look at my children and my husband with the wonder with which Mary looked at her boy.  I'll remember to listen to the singing tonight - really listen - so that I can let the Light of the World fill up all of my gaping holes.

Wishing you the peace and joy and love of Christmas tonight.  I'll be signing off for a week or so to try desperately to be in all of the moments.  I hope you'll enjoy all your moments, too.

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