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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The View Isn't Pretty

This is what's happening here at The View from Behind Home Plate.  It's my turn.  And it's probably my turn because I can be quite smug about how I never get sick.  I haven't had anything close to the flu in 15 years, which by the way is exactly how long it's been since I had a flu shot.  I stood at the sink yesterday and took an Advil and told my husband that my whole body hurt, but I would be just fine because I NEVER get sick.

My whole self hurts.  I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.  I've got that very attractive mouth breathing thing going on.  But I do NOT have the flu.  I don't have a fever and I functioned well enough this morning to drive to CVS and buy Dayquil, Gatorade and the JLo People.  She, by the way, apparently does not have the flu because she is stunning.  But, I also think that she has had some weird facial reconstruction or maybe some bad airbrushing done on the cover photo because she looks totally different.  Her mouth looks strange or maybe it's her cheeks or her bangs.  Michelle Obama rocked those bangs at the Inauguration, didn't she?  Loved her bangs.

Do you see why I haven't blogged this week? I'm all over the map.  I'm making no sense at all.

I think I better sign off and come back when I am more clear headed and my fingers and toes and eyeballs stop hurting because if I keep blogging right now, I might end up writing on essay on how the Commonwealth of Virginia should pass a law permitting medicinal marijuana.

Y'all.  I'm just kidding.  Please don't get all alarmed.  I'm going to sleep now.  Later skaters.


Anonymous said...

I think you should do a whole blog on bangs. Earlier this week, I was quick to point out how Mrs. C. got her bangs about a month before Mrs. O got hers. Who is the trendsetter now? (I also think I started the whole cardigan sweater thing first too.) Even Mikey agrees! Seriously, think of the material from Beiber to the First Lady. Clip ons to those 80's pouffes. Five year olds who need the gum cut from their hair to 43 and 4 month year olds who need to hide wrinkles. Lots of material for when you are over the "not-flu".

Jenn said...

Oh, Mrs. C. You know, Mrs. O. heard about your bangs and just had to copy you. And I think Calliope from the birthday card you gave me had some pretty good bangs, too. It's a party on your head, right?