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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Little Big Leaguers

There once were two little boys.  They were thrilled to finally be able to sign up for Little League.  They were lucky enough to be placed on the same T-Ball team when they were five years old. This is where they met and became the bestest of friends. They were pretty much like peas and carrots - or maybe - based on this goofy photo - they were more like coconuts and bananas.

They dealt with helmets that were a bit too big.

And sunshine that was a bit too bright.

Their mamas sat together in the bleachers (even when their sons ended up on different teams) and were surprised to find that even though one of them said wicked awesome a lot and one of them said y'all a lot, maybe the two of them were also like coconuts and bananas.  They watched those two boys grow bigger and stronger. 
The boys have won some trophies together and lost some trophies together.  Tonight only one of them will win a trophy as they will battle against each other in the Little League Championship Game - their final game as Majors Little Leaguers.
I will hug that mom, who, by the way, is quite lovely and talented, and I'll be thinking that I actually don't believe that our meeting on that T-Ball team was luck or fate or chance.  I know that it was God and His love for us that put those two precious boys together on that team.  And since He is so good at doing immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine He threw a whole mess of other baseball boys and other mamas into our lives - each and every one of whom will be our friends way beyond our days in the bleachers at our Little League field.
Tonight, no matter who wins, I'll remember that baseball is so much more than a game.  Immeasurably more.
PS  Wishing a very happy birthday today to the handsome Majors Red Sox Manager who'll be doing all those crazy signs as he coaches third base tonight.  I wish for you many, many opportunities to wave those kids home.  Good luck, Coach. 

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Richard Kelsey said...

awesome pic of the T-ballers!