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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On Being a Soup Sandwich on Toast

I'm not sure I can type a coherent sentence today.  I tried yesterday and it didn't work out, so forgive please.  See there.  Forgot the pronoun.  Forgive me, please.

When we have a kid on the baseball team who is just worn flat out, has just played too long or has obviously not gotten enough sleep, one of my favorite baseball coaches in the world, Coach C., refers to that poor child as a "soup sandwich".

That's me, boys and girls.  I'm coming to the end of the rope, too much on the plate, head spinning, burnout.

I am the ultimate soup sandwich . . .on toast.

And honestly, I think it can be one of the most annoying things ever to hear someone drone on and on about how busy, busy, busy they are.  It smacks of I am the most important person in all the land and the world could not live without me.  I don't want to do that because shuffling everyday AllStar baseball practices, scrimmages, golf and hitting lessons and feeding and clothing an average size family is seriously not like brain surgery.

But, I realized as I opened my computer yesterday morning, that I'm not the only one feeling like a soup sandwich right here in the midst of the lazy, hazy days of summer. 

And feeling community with other women might just be the ticket to helping a gal feel like maybe she can slow down, take a breath and move along without losing her ever lovin' mind.

If you're in the same boat as me, tighten up your life jacket and read my friend, Elizabeth's ideas in her post called Slowly.  She has nine lovely children, so that will likely put a little perspective on things for ya already.

Also, Proverbs 31 spoke right to me with this devotion yesterday.

And, the amazing Sally Clarkson has some wisdom HERE.

Then call a friend or a Sister if you're lucky enough to have one.

I talked to mine yesterday.  Sister says I should drink lots of water during the day, have a cocktail at night and listen to Blurred Lines as often as possible.   I'm pretty sure Sister might be an M.D. and I didn't even realize it.

I talked to Mrs. R. yesterday and she listens well like she always does and relates well like she always does and we always know we're sending up prayers for each other and each other's children. 

And lastly, you need a friend who will make you laugh no matter what you're feeling.  That brings me to the lovely and talented Mrs. C.  It cracks me up that many of my "in the area" friends have wondered who the elusive Mrs. C. is after reading my blog.  I have numerous people guess and it's hilarious.  I told Mrs. C. this and said it kind of reminded me of Tim Taylor's wise and mysterious neighbor, Wilson, from the tv sitcom Home Improvement.  We could never quite see Wilson's entire face.  He often wore a hat and was obscured by a backyard fence.  Sunday morning as I rushed around like an idiot getting ready for Joe's double header, I heard my phone chime with a text and I WAS ANNOYED.  Because what?  What now?  What else do I just have to know right now when I am WAY LATE? 

And this is what I got from the lovely and talented, mysterious and wise, Mrs. C.:

Hey, Neighbor!

Girlfriends are the bestest, aren't they?
PS.  The District 16 11/12 All-Star Tournament starts tonight at Freedom Park in Leesburg so we'll spend the day chanting:
Good Luck to Little Thunder and his teammates.  We're proud of y'all already. 

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