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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Only Love Remains (and a slideshow!)

It's been a week or two since I've come to this space.  As I am alone in the house for the first time in weeks, I thought I would find that the words would literally spill out of me on to the screen this morning.  I'm not sure they are coming in any coherent form.  Summer has a beautiful way of changing our routine in the deepest of ways, by giving us big stretches of time and having us decide the best way to fill them.  The break was unintentional at first, but became quite intentional.  I'm a big fan of that hot, shiny sun and I have found myself drawn away from the computer and drawn into making this unintentional break an intentional focus on time . . . time with my boys, time with my husband, time with friends, unexpected time away from the ball field when an AllStar team comes this close to the State Tournament, but realizes that (BUMMER!) it's just not their "time", time singing and dancing with Bible school children, time running and sweating and breathing in hot, humid, sticky air, time watching kids splash in the pool, time for reading words instead of writing them.  But honestly and overwhelmingly, I have spent the most of these two weeks praying and pleading God for more time for those who are racing against it.

And again, I discover that when I can't conjure more words, when I can't create more time for me or for others, that it is easiest to look for love. And I find it in the most simple and the most grand of summer moments.  (and quite a few fuzzy Iphone photos.)

Little Ballplayers, Big Love



Remembering and Honoring Family Love


Supporting a Warrior Boy's Valiant Battle Love


The "ME GENERATION" Defying Their Label
AMC Youth Habitat for Humanity Mission Trip Love

Pool Time Love

Vacation Bible School Love


It's Not Baseball, It's Golf!  Love

Washing Mommy's Car Love
(and why did we pay all that money for Basketball Camp when he had so much fun with this?)

Sunday Afternoon at the Winery Love

Only Love Remains.
Blessed Day, Friends!



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