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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fallin for Fall: The Fall Lovin' Post of 2013

Well, fall's here for real.  We've been waking up to the sound of alarms and no one has called to see if we can meet them at the pool for weeks, so I guess I'm going to have to embrace the change of seasons.  I have to say that really all of the Fall Lovin' items on my list from last year are still my favorites this year, but that's so 2012.  So, here are some new fall favorites for 2013.   

Rain/Light Jacket:
Now, I know that April showers bring May flowers so that one would generally put a rain jacket in a Spring Lovin' post, but it rained buckets for about four straight days around here in the second week of October and that meant October showers brought a baseball-free weekend and very happy me.   I have to say though, that I was not quite as happy as I could have been had I been able to wear this adorable jacket from Boden.  I also would have been even happier if I had long skinny legs and a beach to run around on in my Boden jacket, but now I'm just being greedy.

Grey is the new black
said the suburban mom in Virginia.  Someone please call Anna Wintour at Vogue and tell her because she's been waiting by the phone wondering what I've been thinking about the fall trends.  I actually have no idea if grey is the new black this season.  All I'm saying is that I am liking grey this year.  A lot.  For example:

I love this grey and white striped sweater from The Gap.  The problem for me is that this is 30% wool.  I accidentally bought a top at JCrew recently that had only 10% wool and after I'd worn it for 30 minutes, I looked like I had pink eye and I almost took it off in the middle of working with 3rd graders on rounding to the nearest hundred.  It appears I'm allergic to wool.

Why am I telling you this? 

Anyway, if wool doesn't put you in danger of stripping in front of elementary school kids, go get that sweater and go ahead and wear it with green pants because if there is anything I love more than grey or stripes, it's green.

Grey Nail Polish
The next items on my grey obsession list are the new nail polish colors for fall.  I like this one:

The problem is that there was one color that Mrs. R.'s girls described as the color of a dead tooth.  I'm not sure if it was this one, but I don't think OPI would like that so much.  So, this one from Essie is a more appealingly named Smokin' Hot and it's a bit more blackish-grey and less dead-tooth.

Grey Purse (aka my new best friend)
I've been wanting a grey purse for a long time.  I like this Michal Kors one and this Jimmy Choo one.  I will forever be in love with this Prada bag, but holy price tag, Batman. 
Now, look, I have no problem with spending the money on a designer bag if one can afford it.  And one day when my life comes to a season in which the contents of my purse do not include someone's athletic cup, fourteen pencils and a package of Big League Chew, I will be going for it.
But for now, I found this one that is exactly the right size and price for me and I love it so that it sits in my car on the seat never to touch the ground.  Yes, I write about Jesus and I don't want to store up my treasures on earth, but in heaven.  BUT, I did put a seat belt on my new purse just to show you how very shallow and materialistic I can be.  And just so you know, the ultra-hip, too-cool-for-school folks at JCrew call this color Wet Stone. I, however, call it stickin' it to the man because I got it for 25% off and if you go to today, you can too, friends.

When it gets cooler outside, but not cool enough to go full-on fireplace, I like to have a candle burning.  Plus, I think we've established that it's not all that lemony fresh around here when my three boys and my one husband come home from baseball practice at night.  My favorite would be any Capri Blue candle from Anthropologie.

Or if I'm feeling like playing a joke on everyone, I can go with this candle which is subtitled
That which can fool your people into thinking you have whipped up a bunch of baked goods. To which I would say, Don't be ridiculous, but feel free to eat the candle because it is probably better than whatever I might attempt.  And y'all, you can even fool your people into thinking that you cooked the whole spankin' Thanksgiving dinner because there's a candle for that.

High School Homecoming
Dear Sweet High Schools in my 'hood,
Y'all ain't got nothin' on my alma mater.  I have a dysfunctional relationship with Facebook.  I love it and I hate it all at the same time.  But I love it with my whole Texan heart when I can peruse the photos of my Rockwall, Texas High School Yellowjackets in the Fall when Homecoming comes around:  the parades, the princesses in their full-on-to-the-floor gowns, the mums bigger than your head, the football players and the cheerleaders perched on the backs of truck beds parading The Square, the world shutting down for Friday Night Lights.  Texas Forever, Y'all.
That's me in the middle looking to my left just to show you my awesome Farrah wings which would have topped the Fall Lovin' List of 1985
My Fake Daughter and her Fabulous Fall Wardrobe
Right, I don't have a daughter.  I have a fake one in my mind and because she is simply a figment of my imagination, we never get into arguments about her clothing.  One time I walked into a Justice store with a friend and her flesh and blood daughter and I almost had a seizure because of the colors and the sparkle.  My fake daughter would completely understand this and she would happily accompany me at JCrew.  Fake daughter and I are in complete agreement at all times.  She loves everything I pick out for her. Please don't burst my bubble on this.  Fake daughter and I just picked out this ensemble for picture day at school.

Oh, and, by the way, I saw the above photo in a catalog about 3 months ago and fell in love with the outfit.  I just realized that fake daughter happens to be carrying a baseball glove.  This was not part of the fantasy. 

'Tis the season!.  Happy Fall, Friends!!!!

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Anonymous said...

If I order Fake Daughter on line from JCrew, will they send me a return postage paid box for Real One?
I'm not even signing this because you know who I am...or can at least narrow it down to 4 of your friends with teen girls.