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Friday, October 4, 2013

Good Morning, Angels!

I'm telling you that this was literally the best moment of my week.  I'm going to have to set the scene for you so I can't possibly follow the "no words" part of the {this moment} rules. 
It was Saturday morning and by some miracle of sweet Jesus we didn't have to be anywhere until noon, so we slept late and sat around in our pjs.  Drew has been really into his baseball cards lately.  He's putting them in binders and categorizing them in rows all over his bedroom floor.  This new obsession caused Steve to remember that he had three plastic shoeboxes in the basement of his old cards.  He ran down to retrieve them and then this beautiful scene happened. 
A father and a son sorting out their baseball cards.  A father and his sons talking about the boys of summer from days gone by.  Steve pulled out Joe Morgan, Nolan Ryan and George Brett.  There were oohs and aahs from my little men and the big man was like a giddy little boy.  If Norman Rockwell was here he would have been ALL.OVER.IT.
Honestly, I was standing at the sink sort of half-way listening.  I mean, Nolan Ryan, a Texan, that was cool, but I wasn't feeling it so much.  Until, I heard this:
"Oh, boys, now we're talkin'!"
And my husband, who apparently was a child of very diverse interests, pulled out a big ol' mess of these cards.
Can you EVEN stand it? 
These are my personal favorites.

Here's hoping you don't get in a jam this weekend, friends.  And if you do, may your Farrah wings stay in place.    

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