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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Victory Defined

I had almost finished a post this morning about beauty products.  Sharing and requesting ideas about how to fight my crow's feet wrinkles and cover the ever increasing age spots that keep cropping up on my face will have its place here.  I think anyone who has visited this space knows that I am not above the super-shallow and trivial around here.

But it will have to wait.  And the thing is that my increasingly wrinkled forty-five year old face which I, on many days ignore and on many days find wholly unsatisfactory, has the time to wait today.  That fact has again become abundantly clear this morning as I have heard news of the passing of a young man from cancer whose time here ran out.  A young man I didn't know personally, but who was very dear to one of my friends.  A young man who has had friends and strangers alike sending prayers heavenward for months. 

This young man will not see his face gain age spots.  He will not see the deep lines crease his forehead.   He will not get the chance to lament grey hairs on his head.  

But his story is one that should be told and his story is one from which we can learn very important lessons.  Again, I had not met him and I did not know him.  But many did and many are grieving today.

I wrote recently that my involvement with pediatric cancer charities has forced me to redefine victories. And Shawn and his friend Mike have done just that for me this morning.  

My post about moisturizers and lip gloss and anti-aging serums must wait today. 

Instead read this stunningly eloquent piece written by Shawn's friend, Mike Foss, for USA Today. Then rest in the fact that this man did not lose a battle this morning when he left this earth.  He was certain all along his journey that when this day came he would claim the victory.  Well played, young man.  Congratulations, you win.

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