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Thursday, December 18, 2014

(One Week 'til) Christmas Lovin' 2014

Y'all.  I was ready to start this post by saying all that annoying drivel about how I am in full on Superfreak mode right now.  Hair on fire.  Head spinning.  Whatever you want to call it. 

I have never been this far behind for Christmas. Blah, blah, blah. It's so annoying.  Let's just stop saying that, kay?  THIS POST here tells us very clearly how this incessant chatter about busy-ness cannot only be annoying, it can be insensitive and hurtful. Don't feel bad.  Just be aware.

I'm trying to take deep breaths and realize that all the stuff on my list is not all the stuff that matters.  And I KNOW that, people.  Of course, I do.  So, there are a couple of ways I could go at this point.

1..  Just say, "Hey, Kids. Sorry.  There are no gifts this year.  It's been busy and all.  And we're all about Jesus and we know it's not about gifts.  So anyway, y'all are awesome!  I sure do love ya!"

2. Or . . . have you seen this?  This dad had a fabulous idea to present his kids with a couple of the most awful gifts ever and see how they would react.  It is precious.  Please watch and if you don't melt when the little girl says, "Can you help me, Daddy?" in her adorable accent, you might be dead inside.

Dear Husband, I think I would appreciate it if you could find a way to kidnap Connie and Louie and put them under the tree this year. 

It's possible that at this point we are all contemplating limiting our Christmas shopping to the produce aisle, but just in case you want to contemplate other Christmas ideas, here are a few favorites for 2014..

My Favorite Christmas Song 2014
Last year, I told you about this Third Day CD and it is still my favorite full CD to listen to during the Christmas season.  It is pure happiness for me.  This year, though, my very favorite Christmas song is from Francesca Battistelli.  You can listen to it HERE.  If you are doing the superfreak, just get in your car, lock the doors, park next to some Christmas lights and listen to this song.  It will calm you. Promise.

My Favorite Christmas Party Hostess Gift 2014
Chocolate Wine

I had THIS ONE recently - cold, kinda like an after dinner drink.  This is what I have to say:

It's chocolate.  And it's wine. 

The end.

Favorite Party Top 2014
I recently ordered this top from The Blue Door Boutique.  I was worried that it was a little too much for me because I don't do flashy very often. Also, when I first tried it on Kyle made a face and for a second I felt like Elton John and was about to send it back.  But really, what do 13 year old boys know about Holiday Fashion? Fake Daughter said it was great as long as I made the rest of my outfit basic and wore simple jewelry.  As always, she was right and I wore it to a Christmas Party and felt very, very merry.

My Favorite Christmas Program 2014
The Nutcracket Ballet
This ballet should be on your list of Christmas traditions.  I would recommend supporting a performance put on by a ballet school in your neighborhood.  This is the second year that I have attended the performance of our local studio and I have to say I would pick it over a professional performance any day of the week.  Last year I wrote about how I took Drew and let's just say he wasn't exactly sure what he had gotten himself into.  This year I was lucky enough to take one of my very favorite new little friends, the preciously perfect, Miss Sabrina and her mom. (who happens to be pretty darn perfect herself.)  Graceful, lovely ballerinas, who are as beautiful inside as they are outside and who take the time to chat with my graceful, lovely, little friend are the epitome of Christmas magic.

Photo Credit:  One of the Foss Kids

PS You should always choose a date to the ballet who is wearing purple fringed boots because PURPLE FRINGED BOOTS!!! Can you stand it??

My Favorite Christmas Gift for Anyone and Everyone
Look, let's be honest.  You are running out of time, but I know something you can do right now. Raffle tickets for the brand spanking new jeep pictured below are for sale all the way up until 2:00 PM on the 23rd.  The wonderful and amazing Dr. Zach Casagrande of  Northern Virginia Orthodontics is going to announce the winner of the jeep he donated at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, the 23rd at a celebration at Brambleton Town CenterYOU CAN BUY TICKETS RIGHT HERE.  There will be lots of fun activities planned and there will be many pediatric cancer charities represented.  You can also donate blood at the mobile blood center that will be there from 1-4.  Check out all the events planned below and bring the whole family.  And this is the best part:  If you've read my blog at all you know about the one and only Mathias Giordano whose loss less than two weeks ago has left a gaping hole in the world.  Half of the money raised by this raffle will go to Team Mathias and half will go to Kyle's Kamp.  Which means that Dr. Zach has a pretty clear idea of the true meaning of Christmas.  We have all learned a lot from Mathias Giordano in the short time he was here.  I think Christmas time will be the best time to act on all that we learned from him.

My Very Favorite Mathias Photo (from Chris Giordano)

Please, please continue to keep Mathias's family in your prayers.  Their loss is greater than I can wrap my head around.  Please pray that they might find glimmers of hope and light in this season.

Kyle strikes a pose next to the "Car for a Cure"

Now I gotta go.  I heard that today was free shipping day and I'm hoping that applies delivery of a couple of bananas and a few onions.

Blessed Christmas to you, friends.

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