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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Best Idea I Ever Had

Well, it's January 7, 2015 which is crazy because if you would have told me when I was in elementary school that by this year I would l live in a house without a robot maid and a flying saucer car, I would have said, "Well, then, who needs it?" 

What is crazier though is that I wake up today having been married for 20 years.  And I swear it was only yesterday that I was a 25 year old girl, poofing up her hair and slipping on her white dress and veil, who had really NO IDEA what she was doing.  NO IDEA AT ALL.  Somehow that young girl just trusted that it was a good idea though.  Somehow she just walked down that aisle without a doubt in her mind.  It's really phenomenal to me.

Because the thing was that I had so many ideas when I was younger that I jumped on without a doubt in my mind.  Like the time I was a freshman in high school and had the grand idea to pretend that I wasn't terrified of horses because I really wanted to go on a date with that senior.  I got so scared that I started to walk backwards and tripped over a saddle and never ended up on the horse anyway. Or that great idea I had when I put blue eyeliner on the inside of my lower eyelids and bright purple eyeshadow on my lids.  I shouldn't have done either of those things on their own much less at the same time.  Or that time I thought that perming my waist length hair was a fabulous plan.  Or that time in college when I thought it was a perfectly fine idea to partake in the "trash can punch" at that fraternity party.  For the love, y'all.  It was mixed up in a TRASH CAN,

Hey, young little 25 year old me.  It's true that you had some really bad ideas.  There were so many times that you had really no idea what you were getting yourself into and you did those things anyway.  And that day you walked down the aisle at Perkins Chapel in Dallas, Texas, even though you thought you were sure, you really couldn't have known fully that this wouldn't turn out to be a colossal mistake either.

Except that I think you knew down deep that God had promised you this kind of man and that He had led you to him.  So when you started down that aisle, even if you didn't know for sure, God knew.  He knew for sure that one day you would wake up 20 years later without a robot maid or a flying saucer car and without flowers and romance and googly eyes every minute of everyday, but with a sure knowledge of one thing:

The knowledge that meeting that guy at the end of that aisle and saying, "Yes, I do." was the best idea you had ever and would ever have for the rest of your life.

Happy Anniversary to us.

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