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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stitch Fix Box #3: AKA I'm no Kim Kardashian

Well, friends.  It's that time again.  My 3rd Stitch Fix box came.  My fashion photographer was home to get a couple of photos, but then he ditched me to go outside and ride his bike so I had to be left to my own inadequate selfie taking skills.

I have to admit that although it is still a huge thrill when my box arrives,  I was less than thrilled with the items this time.  I mean it wasn't like I hated anything in it because honestly, I don't hate a lot of things.

Except for ISIS and grapefruit and those subscription cards that fall out of magazines. 

You'll be happy to know that none of those things were in my Stitch Fix box.

Here's what was:

Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace

This is the first piece of jewelry that I've received from Stitch Fix.  I would like this necklace a lot if I spent my days standing perfectly still.  It's pretty and interesting.   The problem is that I can't handle this necklace because of my lack of the Kody Factor.  You see, my son told me recently that my friend, Kody, was the most totally chill mom and I am not even close to as totally chill as she is.  And I think he's right because in the 2.5 minutes that I had this necklace on,  I kept fiddling with it to get all the baubles lined up in place and set in the right position on my top and it was driving me mad.  I was really having a hard time being totally Kodyesque chill.  I sent it back and took a deep breath.

Collective Concepts Mars Split Neck Blouse

I kept this top.  It has really great colors and fits perfectly.  I think it could be dressed up or down.  It is a bit sheer, but with a black tank, it worked great.  Bonus is that it is machine washable and I hung it to dry.  It was so lightweight that it dried very quickly and no iron was needed.  This is huge in my world because I obviously do not have time for ironing what with the fact that we always need to LEAVE IN ONE MINUTE, PEOPLE! ONE MINUTE!

41Hawthorn Ackley Split Neck Blouse

This is where we realize that I have not attended the Kim Kardashian School of Selfie Taking.  If you did not know that Kim was a selfie taking expert, now you do because I saw her on Kelly and Regis (or whatever his name is) yesterday.  You'll be thrilled to know that Kim has added a coffee table book of selfies to her long list of contributions to the betterment of mankind.  She is moments away from a Nobel Prize, y'all. Also, she told of how when she met Kanye, he went through her closet and threw out all of the clothes he thought weren't stylish enough and she cried because the pile was up to the ceiling.

Well, Kim, life is just tragically difficult sometimes, darlin'.  It sure is.    

Anyway, in Jenn's school of selfie taking, you can barely see the top because in addition to not possessing Kim's other noteworthy physical assets, my arms are too short for selfies.  Also, my head is gigantic and I'm wearing my glasses because I forgot to take them off because I'm old and I can't see a darn thing.  Anyway, as far as the top goes, it was fine and fit well, but in this case, I utilized my mantra: what would Kanye do?  I sent it back, cried for a bit and then went around and acted like a pompous jerk for the rest of the day.

41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

I think my Kim and Kanye rage has me spent.  So let's make this quick.  I liked this cardigan.  The material was soft and lightweight.  It's navy and would be a good basic to have in the closet.  But I sent it back.  I have no supporting details for why I didn't keep it.  I just didn't.  It's free country. 

Kut from the Kloth Siena Capri Pant
I didn't get a photo.  This post is getting really bad.  These were cute.  They fit well.  I sent them back because I don't need another pair of black pants.  Also, Kanye didn't like them on me.  He said they would look much better on Beyoncé.

Even though this wasn't my favorite box I still love getting a special surprise from Stitch Fix each month.  On the list of things that show up in my life each month, it is really in the top spot.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, please use my referral code!

Happy Tuesday that Feels like a Monday, Friends!