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Thursday, July 16, 2015

{Throwback Thursday}: Little Man's Turn

He was brought to the ballpark when he was in his mama's belly.  He would dress himself up in baseball pants too big for him, smear orange dirt on his face and roll around in the grass .  He played with all the other siblings for hours on end, using plastic bats and wiffle balls, sharing whatever snacks their mamas packed in their giant bags, turning the batting cage into a playhouse. He poked his chubby fingers into the chain link fence, gripping tightly, cheering his big brothers, watching and learning and waiting for his day to take the field. 

Now, to his mommy, it seems he's played this game forever.  And I think, that even when he was three years old, as he looked out on that field, he was certainly having quite a game in his little imagination.

Today, his big brothers get to travel to Newport News, Virginia to watch him play in the 9/10 Virginia State Little League Tournament.  He'll be the one inside that fence looking out.

Play hard. Little Man.  It's your turn.

PS:  I will likely be away from blogging for the next couple of weeks due to baseball and a vacation that will bring all my Texas people to Virginia.  But since we all know that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains, I'll bring my computer just in case.  Happy Summer, Friends!  and GO SOUTH!!!

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