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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Summer Stitch Fix Box Summary In September

Hey, you. 

You people who are all kinds of fired up about the cool front that blew in here on Sunday.  Stop it.  It's too early.  I'm not ready.  I have embraced Back To School and in fact, am kicking some September butt, but not yet with the sweaters and boots.  Please back away with that Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Let's pretend it's still summer, 'kay?  It is beautiful this week.  And I am all about the stunning blue skies and bright sunshine, but I had to put my seat warmer on this morning in my car.  I can feel summer breaking up with me.  I'm starting to panic. 

Keeping that summer mindset will help us today because I totally missed the boat on posting about my July Stitch Fix Box since it came just a few days before we had to leave for the VIRGINIA STATE LITTLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT.  Which our boys won.  They were undefeated. 
(Oh, sweet Lord, yes, I mentioned that Little League team again.  I think it's been four posts since I talked about it which is a miracle because I think about it  Husband gets embarrassed for me.  He thinks it's obnoxious.  I have issues.  I do. And they all revolve around a dysfunctional relationship with baseball and little boys with eye black smeared on their faces.)

Anyway, this Stitch Fix box was the best yet for me.  I kept a record four of the five items.  Now they are all going to have to take a position in the back of my closet, but let's just reminisce for a bit. 

Here's what I found in my July box:

Urban Expressions Elle Woven Clutch

I am generally a girl who carries her entire life with her in her purse.  I just barely stop short of stuffing one of my kids in there.  For that reason, I always look at a clutch as something that is a wonderful concept, but doesn't go with my life.  This is the same way I feel about concepts like composting and drinking coconut water.  Still, I kept this clutch because maybe there will be a day when I don't need to carry someone's athletic supporter, a giant bag of sunflower seeds and three gatorades in my purse.

Pixley Yuli Lace Cap Sleeve Blouse

I didn't keep this.  It was very pretty and fit well, but is a little too dressy for my life in the summer.  Perhaps, my stylist would like me to go out to eat somewhere that is a few steps above Chili's.  I appreciate her hope that I might be a bit more classy and it's an interesting idea, but I sent this back. 

Lucy Sheer Yoke Knit Tank/Dear John Lillie Cuffed Short

I thought this mint top was perfect for summer.  It's a color I wouldn't normally choose, but I really liked it and wore it out this summer.  It looks best with a tan which is not recommended by four out of five dermatologists.  Or maybe all of them.    

The shorts also came in my box.  Now, I will admit that these were a bit pricey since I usually buy denim shorts at Old Navy for about $15.00.  But like I said, the box came when I was leaving for the VIRGINIA STATE LITTLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT.  (Which our boys won.  They were undefeated.) and they fit perfectly.  I knew I wasn't going to be doing much laundry while we were away so I thought a 2nd pair of denim shorts was a good call.  I got my money's worth on these shorts. I wore them at least four days a week this summer.

Renee C Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Top

When I first pulled this top out of the box, I thought it might be a bit much.  Lots of pattern, lots of color, a little too boho for me.  But as soon as I tried it on it was like summer time joy.  I wore it with white denim shorts and with white skinny jeans.  

Check out the split back.  Please ignore the terribly clashy striped bag I'm carrying with my new top.  That was a fashion mistake right there.  But, that's Coach and me at the VIRGINIA STATE LITTLE LEAGUE TOURNAMENT.    The boys didn't seem to notice my Fashion Don't.  They were too busy focusing on winning.  Which they did.  They were undefeated.

Have I mentioned that before? Seriously, you hate me now and my phone is about to chime with a text from Husband telling me to stop it and get a life.  Except he probably clicked away from this post already.  One can only hope.

Well, that's all for Stitch Fix Box #4.  It was a hit this summer.  I'm just sad that I think those things are all going to have to go back in the closet until next summer.  I've received another box since and I'll post on it next week.

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