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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CHRISTMAS LOVIN' FAVORITES 2015 (Or when I become about 1/2% like Oprah)

Happy December 9th, Friends!  We've got only 16 days until Christmas.  Take a deep breath.  Remember the reason for the season and all that.  Don't beat yourself up because you didn't get everything done by December 1st like you told yourself you would.  And if you did get everything done, we can't be friends right now. ;-)

Today I'm sharing some great gift ideas and just some general favorites about this beautiful season.  And guess what???  The View From Behind Home Plate has DISCOUNTS!  AND A GIVEAWAY!

You get a car!  You get a car!  You get a car!

No, you don't.

I'm not Oprah.  But I am a teeny, tiny percentage of Oprah today because some of these wonderful vendors are giving you, fine readers, a discount today and also we have the very first View From Behind Home Plate giveaway!

"SHUT. UP.", you say.

I will not.  It's true.

Ok.  Here we go with some gift ideas for all of the people on your list.  Or maybe you need a little something for yourself to push away those grinchy feelings that can come up when we HAVE SO MUCH TO DO OUR HEADS ARE GOING TO SPIN OFF.

Last month, I mentioned this beautiful jewelry that is created by my friend Lisa's Aunt Peggy. The designs are pieces crafted with genuine semiprecious stones, crystals, pearls and shells in Aunt Peggy's home state of Oregon.  Well, I have always wanted to be the favorite aunt to my nieces and nephews and maybe you wanted to be the favorite aunt, too, but guess what?  WE LOSE.  Aunt Peggy is officially everyone's favorite aunt because she is giving you fine readers 10% off your purchase with the code JENNSBLOG at checkout! All of the pieces are beautiful, but my favorites are the cuffs.  They're very unique and way cool.  Also, if you wear one on each wrist you can be Wonder Woman.  ORDER HERE.
use discount code:  JENNSBLOG

use discount code:  JENNSBLOG
2.  MASSAGE ENVY GIFT CARD (aka the gift which might just equal world peace)
On Saturday, I went to get a massage at the newly opened Massage Envy which is only 10 minutes from my front door step.  I was, in fact, so full of joy and gratitude that I posted this on facebook that day:

"Every time the front desk gal says, "Your massage therapist is ready to see you now" an angel gets its wings."

Honestly.  You know how everyone wants world peace for Christmas?  Well, things in the world are very complicated right now.  There are much smarter folks than me trying to figure it out and also a lot of very angry people shouting and arguing and name-calling.  We're scared and confused and generally all jacked up about it.  Listen, these are serious issues and I'm not trying to make light, but I want to tell you something that might be a start.  Of course, I'm partial to Jesus, but also, I'm thinking a massage for everybody.  If I was more than 1/2%  Oprah I would be saying to the whole world, "You get a massage! You get a massage!  You get a massage!"  We all need to be a little calmer and a little nicer before we tackle these grave issues, no?   A massage does that for me every.single.time. (#jennforpresident) I found this ad for Massage Envy hilarious.  (The girl dancing at the wedding WINS.)  You need to get a massage today BECAUSE EVERYTHING.  If you're in my neck of the woods check out the new location HERE.  It's lovely.

Add it to my presidential platform.  Last  year, my sister-in-law gave me the most beautiful box of chocolates you've ever seen.  They were so pretty that I almost couldn't eat them.  Almost - let's not get crazy.  ARTISAN CONFECTIONS   packages these chocolates in adorable boxes - you can even get a precious little box of four.  Each chocolate has a masterpiece design.  I promise you, they are so beautiful I wanted to hang them on my wall.  Except WILL POWER PROBLEMS.  I think they make a perfect hostess gift.

4. EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY (times 3)
I love a party that offers wine and beer because OF COURSE.  But, for your holiday party you're gonna need to up your game.  Lucky you!  And more importantly, lucky guests of you! My sweet friend, Maura, who is a TASTEFULLY SIMPLE consultant, is offering 10% off orders to my readers!  All of the food is great (I'm looking at you, BEER BREAD), but in the drink department, I'm suggesting the TRIPLE THE FUN pack which includes Grasshopper, Mudslide and Pink Squirrel frozen drink mixes.  Just add vodka and milk and freeze in the handy bucket.  A holiday party offering a frozen grown-up variety milkshake called a Pink Squirrel is a party that says RSVP: YES MA'AM.
for discount email and mention this blog!

Also, I just noticed the PEPPERMINT FUDGE SAUCE and I might die.  It also looks like you can get it for free if you spend a certain amount.  They suggest putting it on ice cream and whatnot, but just hand me a spoon, please.

for discount email and mention this blog!
To get the discount, find what you'd like to purchase at the site HERE, and then email Maura your order at and mention my blog.  The deadline for Christmas orders i 12/16/15.  To be clear, don't order on the site. Just email your order to Maura and she'll hook you up with the discount. #mauraforpresident

5.  A CHRISTMAS TEE (No.  Not a Christmas Sweater.  No.)
Gratefully, the majority of the human race has evolved enough to realize that the Christmas Sweater is a bad idea.  We do not need any part of a garment on our person to light up, nor do we need it to be 3D.  Just say no to Christmas sweaters, but say YES, PLEASE to reasonable and simple Christmas tees.  I found a number of really adorable ones that are perfect for shopping, wearing to your kid's class party or throwing on to lighten the mood when you and your husband are putting up the Christmas lights and considering divorce court.

This  Merry Christmas Tree long sleeve tee from is adorable and you will find quite a few great options on this site.  It looks like you can get 20% off today and they don't even care if you read my blog or not!  I ordered this one to wear next week as I celebrate my very last volunteer stint at the elementary school party in Drew's 5th grade class.  Middle Schoolers apparently don't create masterpieces with red and green pipe cleaners and play "Pin the Carrot Nose on the Snowman". :(


Third Day's Christmas Offerings makes its way to The View From Behind Home Plate's list of Christmas Favorites for the third year in a row.  (Cue all the guys in the band high fiving, hugging and crying because they cannot even believe it.  It's almost like winning a Grammy.)  The taking of a traditional hymn and mixing it up to make it a bit different is a risky business, but in my opinion Third Day does this beautifully.  They also have some original Christmas songs that just take my breath away.

My plan was to give away a Christmas Offerings CD, but it's proving impossible to find in stock so just go download it on Itunes.  Instead, you lucky little thing, you can win a copy of the very first Third Day CD I ever owned, Chronology Volume 2.  

The music of Third Day has without a doubt strengthened my faith in ways I could have never imagined.  There was a period of time in my life during which I was plagued with a lot of fear and doubt.  Some circumstances and some people were making zero sense to me and I was questioning God on a daily basis about His plan.  The Chronology Volume 2 CD got me through those times with an intact faith and a trust I'd never felt before.  These guys are absolutely doing a mighty work for the kingdom of God.  

By commenting here in THE BLOG COMMENTS with your favorite Christmas song you can be entered to win the CD.  Some folks have had trouble with getting their name to come up on my blog comments, so just include your first name and first initial of your last name in the comment box.  You can comment until 11:59 pm on Sunday, the 13th.  Some blogs are very fancy and have an online service pick their winner.  We are old school here, so we'll take all the numbered comments, write them on torn up pieces of loose leaf paper that we'll pull out of our Trapper Keeper and have one of my elves pick one out of a hat.  I'll announce the winner on the blog on Monday and give more information on how to contact me to get this amazing CD.

Now, I gotta hustle out of here because Fake Daughter and I are going shopping together today.  As she and I are strolling along, I will ask her how things are going at school and she won't grunt a barely decipherable answer at me.  I will ask her about how her friends are and she won't act like I  just asked her something incredibly personal and intrusive.  She will tell me all the things about all the stuff. She will think that it is just the best day ever and will not spill hot chocolate on her adorable outfit from Crewcuts.  Look!  Fake Daughter's saying, "What else do you want to talk about, Mom?  I'm an open book!"

Have a fabulous day, friends! Don't forget to comment!  The winner of the CD will be announced here on Monday!  And most importantly, keep calm and remember the baby Jesus!  He came. For us.  Hallelujah and Amen.


Jaimi Franus said...
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Jaimi Franus said...

Mary, did you know? By Amy Grant
Jaimi F

Jenn said...

Hi, Jaimi! That's my husband's favorite. If you watch him when they sing it at church you might see Coach Skinner shed a tear ;-)

Kelly said...

So hard to narrow down!I just stumbled across this version of Hallelujah the other day and I can't stop listening to it. Goosebumps! But I do love some Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is You" too! :)

Jenn said...

I saw that version recently as well, Kelly! Beautiful!! And, of course, you can't go wrong with Mariah! :)

sheri said...

I love almost all Christmas songs. Josh Grobin's Ave Maria is one of my favorites. Sheri S.

Meg said...

Just saw "Mary, Did You Know?" by Pentatonix on FB. Gave me chills. Might be a new favorite!

Lisa Korhnak said...

Silent Night...

Anonymous said...

Audrey- Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Jill said...

Oh Holy Night and Josh Groban's version of Little Drummer Boy

Juan said...

Baby it's cold outside because it's in elf.

Amy Wright said...

Silent night.....or O Holy Night.....

itspamelar said...

Josh Groban & Brian McKnight - Angels We Have Heard On High. It's glorious.

itspamelar said...

Josh Groban & Brian McKnight - Angels We Have Heard On High. It's glorious.

B Farquharson said...

I'll be home for Christmas! Becki F

Anonymous said...

What Child is This
Kim K

Unknown said...

Grown up Christmas List by Amy Grant Kristin Flora

Unknown said...

Grown up Christmas List by Amy Grant Kristin Flora