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Monday, December 14, 2015

ELEVEN DAYS LEFT: Just Keep Smiling

Good morning, Me.

Here you are.  11 days until Christmas. You thought you'd be feeling all full of joy and anticipation just like this:

But instead, you're really more like this:

You're doing it again.  You told yourself that this year you wouldn’t do it.  There would be NO superfreaking this year.  The kids are getting older.  The big one?  He’s almost out of here.  Aren’t you paying attention?  Haven’t you reminded yourself a million times?  The meaning of Christmas is not in making your home look just like that photo from Instagram.  It is not in the catalogs.  It is not in the perfect outfit or the perfect Christmas card or the perfect meal.  THIS year would be different.  Well, it was supposed to be last year and the year before that and the year before that.  But, really THIS one.  This one was supposed to be the year when you spent most of the month of December serene and calm and full of the spirit, but instead it's been more like this:

And also this:

And on top of all of that, you keep blowing off exercising which you know for a fact is your best time to pray, to calm down and to generally keep your head on straight.  Instead you've been making time for plenty of this:

But today is a new day, Me.  As you sit here this morning ticking off the things that didn't get done this weekend, you forget how quickly the Lord can turn you around.  How you can listen to one song and be filled with Him.  How you can just make the effort to open that Bible and read one verse and be changed.  

He already started a good work in you, Me.  Did you forget how last night you and your husband shared a fist bump after you strung a gazillion lights on the tree and handled the tangles and the wonky ones without a single cross word or roll of the eyes between you?  And then, there was the moment when the three boys came in to drink eggnog and sit and look at the tree.  And even though instead of being reverent and full of wonder, they were giggling and acting like complete goofballs, they weren't arguing or ragging on each other and better yet, not one had the other in a headlock?  

Let me tell you something, sister.  THAT right there is only the power of the baby that came to save, my friend. He's already working on you.  So today, how about you just surrender for a minute or two?  How about you look at Christmas, not as a crazed Martha Stewart wannabe, but as a child?  How about you just take a breath?  Not the whole day.  We'll cross some things off the list and we'll go out there and adult like nobody's business, but how about you take a minute and listen here.  

Ok?  Go on, Me and Friends of Me.  Let's let Him make us new.  Start right here.     

Speaking of all things new, thanks so much to those who participated in the first giveaway from The View From Behind Home Plate by commenting with your favorite Christmas song last week!  Since I couldn't find a new Third Day Christmas Offerings CD to give away available any where, I INSIST that you all go download it now. You'll get the song above and a whole mess of others that I promise will make your day so much better.  You will be kinder to the salespeople.  You will not huff and puff when you see the long line at Target.  You might pay for the coffee of the guy behind you in line at Starbucks even though he smells like he dumped a bottle of circa 1986 Polo Cologne on himself and is not respecting your personal space.  You might let that woman have that parking space at the mall that you had very clearly been waiting for with your signal on for 15 minutes.  Now that, my friends, is a Christmas miracle.

But back to the giveaway.  I was able to find the very first Third Day CD I ever owned, Chronology Volume II, which is AMAZING and also might as well be a Christmas album because well, it's all about JESUS anyway.  And the winner, according to my little elf is 


(btw, Kelly's favorite song this season is this version of Hallelujah and also, Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You.  And all I have to say to someone who appreciates a 1990s Mariah tune of any sort or kind is "You are my people.") 

Kelly N. please send me an email at and let me know your address so I can send you your CD.  Or since I'm pretty sure you are the Kelly N. that is a Facebook friend o' mine, send me an inbox message on my page!

There are going to be some exciting new changes to the look of the blog in the new year and we have some fun things planned which are making me feel a bit like Elf.  So, to all of you wonderful, loyal readers who visit this space I want to say thank you so much and also this:  

Have a blessed day, Friends!

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