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Friday, June 24, 2016

5 Things on a Friday: Which Includes Candy. You're Welcome.

Hi. Friends,

If you read my Summer Lovin' post yesterday you might be a bit over reading about my favorite things, but it's time for 5 Things on a Friday, so I have a few (or five) more for you.

Before I had kids I taught 4th grade here in Virginia and every year we read Misty of Chincoteague, a beautiful children's novel about the wild ponies on Chincoteague. I've not had the chance to visit yet, but I imagine it to be one of those adorable beach towns in a movie where a gal throws caution to the wind and quits her boring city job, leaving everything she knew behind to start over in a new place with new dreams and new friends. Often that girl ends up dumping her uptight city boyfriend for the laid-back, no-nonsense and ruggedly handsome town handyman. Well, I have a friend from high school who did just that in REAL LIFE. (Well, as far as I know there is no relationship with the town handyman, but that part of the movie always sort of makes me roll my eyes anyway.) It was so fun to follow her updates as she packed up her life in Texas and moved to a place completely different.

Pam is now the manager at Pony Tails Candy on the island and because she is also THE AWESOMEST she sent the boys and me some of their amazing fudge and taffy. My favorite was the Tiger Butter which is two layers of vanilla fudge with peanut butter in the middle. She also sent a mint chocolate fudge with Andes candies on top and a ton of yummy taffy.  Currently she says they have 21 varieties of fudge.

(I know. The Lord is good and worthy to be praised when you have a friend that works in a candy store.)

If you can't make it to Chincoteague, you can order all kinds of candy online HERE. If you can go to Chincoteague, stop in and say, "Hi" to Pam for me. If you're really bold you can say, "Hook Em Horns" to her, but I'd wait until after you have your candy in hand because Pam is one of those misdirected souls who cheers for the Aggies. ;-)

2. Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner

I went to Trader Joe's yesterday. I bought these. I am a huge fan of body washes and am always looking for something that smells great and washes off the stress. I can tell you that the "tingle" part of this stuff is not false advertising. I love it.

The graduation season is winding down around here and it has been so fun to see all the graduates with their big smiles and their wide open futures splattered across Facebook. It also gives me a stomach ache because each day forward brings us closer to Joe's day to wear a cap and gown and start after his big ol' dreams.

(Side Note: Speaking of big ol' dreams when Joe was four years old he said, "When I get big I want to work at McDonald's and when I get weally, weally, big I will work at Chick-Fil-A." This is great news for me because a Chick Fil-A is currently being built in our neighborhood and will definitely be completed by the time he graduates. What awesome timing.)

Anyway, if you have a graduate this year or will have a graduate any time soon and especially if you are a graduate, THIS article by my friend, Elizabeth, is a MUST READ. I think it's really, really important and beautifully written. As everything Elizabeth writes is, of course.

4. The Dixie Chicks Music

The Lovely and Talented Mrs. C. and I are going to see the Dixie Chicks on Saturday night and I'm so excited.

I know. I know. There was the whole dust up back in the day and I was really mad at them at the time. If you've read this blog long enough you know I voted for W. twice and I would be thrilled to vote for him again. (If only it could be. A girl can dream.) Here's the thing: those girls can sing.  If I boycotted every entertainer that did something I didn't like, then there would be pretty close to zero entertainment happening in my world.

Anyway, in preparation for the concert I've been listening to some old favorites. And I don't know if it's the fact that I've been watching the OJ documentary, but I've found it equally disturbing and delightful to sing along to Good-bye Earl.

5. Inky Johnson Testimonial

I know that most who read this won't click on this video. I get it. I generally don't take time to watch videos people send me and usually it's not that I'm not interested, it's just that I think I'll remember to watch later when I don't need to hustle off the internet and get to the next thing. This here is some powerful stuff. The crux of this message has probably been told a number of times before by a number of people, but what is most powerful to me is that this was sent to me by a friend who lost her child to cancer. This video has nothing to do with cancer, but it has everything to do with trusting the Lord to bring you through the deepest, darkest of valleys. It has everything to do with finding a way to bring purpose to your path after you have suffered unimaginable pain. The fact that a woman who is immersed in grief finds a way to turn toward her God and not away from Him by diligently searching to find encouragement in messages like these makes my heart swell with hope for our broken world.

Let me be clear. I do not compare losing an arm to losing a child. I'm certain that my friend would give both arms to have her child back.

Y'all. You know I love me some Jesus. I try not to get too pushy with it. But, people. He is the way, the truth and the life. He really is hope for tomorrow. His power really is made perfect in our weakness. Watch.

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