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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Girl on Fire

Hi, Friends,

I just wanted to check in right quick because it's been awhile. For the last few summers, I've been sure that I would be putting a priority on my writing. I imagined long stretches of time for writing submissions for magazines and online publications - maybe even working on a book. When imagining those long, wide open days, I never seem to remember that what I write about is the life of a mother and wife and if I'm not doing this life with full and present focus, then the writing can't come anyway. Summer around here, while not fancy and exciting, is still full and busy with living. I'd love to tell you that I've been summering in the Hamptons or Jackson Hole or wherever people who use "summer" as a verb do so. But I haven't. I've been summering right here in Virginia which feels exactly like the surface of the sun.

Last week, I spent my time schlepping teenagers to basketball camp, feeding teenagers all manner of teenager food, and eavesdropping on teenager conversations while they hung out in the pool. What I keep finding is that teenaged boys are smart and engaging and straight-up hilarious. They smell a little bit sometimes and individually, they can be closed off and moody, but I find if you get a whole mess of them together they can be delightful. I find no drama among them. No hurt feelings or efforts to be the head of the pack. This "enjoyable teenager" thing continues to be a shocking revelation to me. So far, I'm a fan.

Speaking of fans, I've also spent the last couple of weeks watching various Little League baseball games. I know you are shocked to hear this. My kid is not even on this team, but I think we've previously established that I have an obsession with Little League that borders on HEY, WEIRDO, GET A LIFE. The thing is that this summer our Little Leaguers are repeating what Drew's team did last year. Last year, we won the district and the state and got to the regional championship game only to fall short of the title. But I think these boys are going to take that last game this year. The world has been dark and twisted and getting on my last nerve. And watching little boys who are seemingly a gazillion runs down come roaring back to win the game is insanely fun. When the news would have us cowering in the corner of our homes in despair, I'd rather just celebrate the fire out of every little thing I can find to celebrate. So, bring it on, Little League. I'm in.  

Speaking of fire, the other matter I've been dealing with is wondering if we all might burst into flames at any minute because DEAR SWEET LORD THE HEAT. You will recall that I hate winter with a passion and every summer, I vow that I will not complain about the heat. Yesterday, when we went out for a walk, I turned to Steve and asked him if my shoulder was actually on fire. I was certain I needed to Stop, Drop and Roll.  Here's a photo of us yesterday when the "feels like" temperature was a balmy 109 here in Virginia.

Still, we are determined to power through this vacation staying hydrated and keeping the a/c cranking. I'll likely continue to be absent from the blog for the rest of the week, but if you are really bored you might be able to find me on Facebook HERE, Instagram HERE and Twitter (barely ever) HERE.  You will see no political posts from me, so if that's what you're up for go find me. You will likely not find much else interesting, but I'll give it a shot.

The last thing I feel I am obligated to say to you before I go is NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE. I know the thought of putting socks and boots on our feet right now makes us feel a little woozy, but it will cool off soon and the prices on fall clothes are RIDICULOUS. I'm eyeing all things Frye and sending links to my husband telling him he can be completely done with shopping for Christmas, my birthday, Valentine's and Mother's Day with one click. I'm quite sure that he is promptly deleting said emails, but a girl can dream.

THIS BAG is gone now. I am going to imagine that my husband snatched up the last one just for me because the heat has made me delusional.

THESE BOOTS are still on sale. My feet are sweating just thinking about it, but there will be a day when the baseball game will go into extra innings and I will be so cold I will not care who wins as long as someone will just get the last out. And to keep my mind off of it, I will stare down at my boots and remember the summer that I tried to stay away from flammable liquids lest I become a human torch.

There are so many more great things on sale, but I have to go because I have to burn through my data by live streaming a bunch of 10 year olds playing baseball in about 20 minutes.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, hugging on your people, and just generally loving the heck out of anything you want to love the heck out of. Life is good. It is messy and scary sometimes, but it is good.

And also it is hot.

PS. Yell, loud, Loudoun South Mamas! I'll be listening!

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