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Friday, September 9, 2016

The (Arguably Irrational) Joy of being 1 and 0

Hey, Y'all.

Hey. Hey. Y'all. Are you there?

Do you remember me? I've been gone forever. Like 6 weeks. The longest since I've had this blog. And I've missed it. I've missed writing from my heart and writing from my mixed up brain. I've missed writing about Jesus and about the Nordstrom summer sale. I've missed seeing your comments and hopefully making you laugh or just stop for a second to see extraordinary blessings in an ordinary day. I've missed it like crazy and I've felt less of me without it. So if you're here, thanks for coming back. You're my favorite person ever. :-)

I thought for sure that the first week that the kids were back to school, I would be writing about all the matters under heaven, but the thing is:


And also:


And, furthermore:


I'll be back soon with lots of stuff. Like thoughts on my pastor's amazing summer sermon series on the fruits of the spirit. And the fact that it's my oldest's senior year and that makes me have to sit down and put my head between my legs at least once a day. And that I went to visit Magnolia Market this summer with my mom. And I have a new Stitch Fix post to write. Oh and I've got a least five posts worth of first world whining about the kitchen remodel I've got happening right now that left me without a kitchen sink or dishwasher for a month. And speaking of being Caroline Ingalls, we're going to need to discuss the fact that my friend Nancy sent me a text full of confusion along with a photo of Banana Republic's newest offering: the prairie dress.

What is that? In between the casual wear and the work wear they're offering the "I need to pick up some flour at Olsen's Mercantile wear"?

Lots to discuss. But the thing that really lured me back to this space even though I have 346 things to do before 10:00 am today is this.

Y'all. This game. This double overtime. This precious new quarterback who looks so young that I want to pack him a lunch and take him to the playground. This senior quarterback who barrels through people like an actual Longhorn steer. The record crowd in my stadium. Our coach jumping into the arms of our offensive coordinator.

I CANNOT EVEN. My Longhorns are 1 and 0. The joy this gives me is completely irrational.

And I will tell you that the game itself was not one bit enjoyable. The bad guys scored right away, but then we did the same really quick. And then it was bad. And then it was good. And then we were up by 17. But then it was bad again and the world was dark and scary. But then we were ahead with very little time left. But then they blocked an extra point attempt and ran it back. I thought it would be a six point return and we would be losing, but then it was only for two points so we were tied. So there was overtime. TWICE.

Basically I died and came back to life like six times during the game.

But the end result was that I have walked around as if the world is brighter and full of more hope than is reasonable for a clinically sane person to believe just because of football. But how 'bout this? Because God loves me so, it just so happened that one of my dearest friends from college was in town the day after the game so we went to have margaritas and Mexican food in the middle of the day to celebrate and catch up. And by the end of our time together we had decided we would win the National Championship. We decided that our young quarterback was given to Texas specifically by the Lord for such a time as this. We determined that very soon we will be weeping tears of great joy as we watch him accept the Heisman Trophy.

Yes, I went all the way there.

So, anyway, my heart is already starting to beat too fast and I'm starting to get panicky about all the things on all the lists and all the time that keeps running out on me to get all the stuff done. Maybe this month is like that for you, too. If today brings you more than your share of OH MY GOSH I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH SEPTEMBER, just remember these words:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

And also:

Tyrone Swoopes busted through all the bad guys and reached that football over the line. 1 and 0, baby. I'm not sure if you're aware but that's an undefeated season, friends.

All is right in the world. Hook Em Horns

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