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Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Things on a Friday: 1-13-17

Hi, Friends!

It's the weekend. We are bracing ourselves for a "weather event". I don't want to talk about it. So . . . time for 5 Things on a Friday! Here are some of my favorite things from the week.

1. The Royal Family

I've been watching The Crown on Netflix which has made me mildly obsessed with the Royal Family. I spend lots of time pushing pause on the tv and googling all manner of facts like "Did Princess Margaret marry?", "Early Photos: Prince Phillip", "Monarchy's role in World War II" and "When did the Queen Mother die?". This information gathering starts as a very noble pursuit, but eventually I am plunged down a rabbit hole typing in things like, "Kate Middleton Fashion", "Kate Middleton Hairstyle", "Kate Middleton Wedding Dress", "What Would Kate Middleton Do?" and also "Prince Harry, Prince Harry and more Prince Harry". All I can say is I wish we could trade the Kardashians for the Royal Family. *sigh*

So here are some of my favorite Royal moments that I came upon in my searching.

Perhaps my very favorite photo of Kate Middleton EVER. The Duchess of Cambridge. She's just exactly like us. Next time I give my kid the business, I will wear this hat and maybe it will make an impact. Oh, Little George. Mummy, ain't playin'. Straighten up, Mister.

Well, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I am fascinated by Queen Elizabeth II and how she took over for her father at such a young age. This image of her photo bombing a couple of girls is from awhile ago, but I happened on it when searching for information on her. She is something else.

I know everyone is doing the superfreak waiting to see photos of Prince Harry with his new American girlfriend, but I'd much rather see all these sweet photos of the him with children both on his mission trips and during his brother's wedding.  This interview is really insightful and shows you that his insides match his outsides. Keep on keeping on, Good Prince.

2. College Football National Championship 

I didn't stay up for the National Championship game because when it comes to college football I am nothing if not full of bitterness and jealously when Texas has a bad season. Despite this, I was anxious to see highlights the next morning and OH.MY.WORD. what a game. I will also say that I very much enjoyed more than one commentator mentioning Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns a time or two when discussing how this year's championship was the most exciting since the THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE when Texas won in 2005. This is because when it comes to life, I am nothing if not ready to make everything in the whole world about me and my own joy.

Seriously, though, the very best quote I saw the next morning was from Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney when he said, "I told them to let the light that is shining inside of them be greater than the light that's shining on them."

Well, now. That'll preach, Coach. 

3. Blue Apron Meals

I am having so much fun with the Blue Apron Meals  my sister gave me for Christmas. This makes no sense at all. I am delivered two meals for four each week with recipes and every single thing I need in the exact quantities needed. Last week I made Seared Chicken Thighs with Cipollini Onions and something called Fregola Sarda Pasta. I also made Baked Mozzarella Chicken with Yellow Tomato Sauce, Kale and Fettuccine. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED (or "unpresidented", if you're our president-elect) stuff in the Skinner kitchen. To prove this point, I will tell you that the other day my eye was red and swollen and I couldn't figure out why. Steve asked me if maybe I touched my eye after I was cooking with some sort of spice or something. Again, UNPRECEDENTED. The fact that my husband's first question was not to inquire whether or not I had poked myself with my sunglasses or run into a cabinet is remarkable. 

4. The Sunrise

The Lord has done some amazing things each morning this week outside my window. I feel like He is in cahoots with my dog lately. Tuesday morning I was whining and digging in my heels because it was so darn cold outside. Mack was staring at me with the "I really gotta go" eyes. Then I looked outside and saw the sky. Well played, God. Well played.

5.  Bruno Mars's SNL Performance

I cannot get enough of this song. Drew gets rather embarrassed because I give quite a Carpool Karaoke performance in the ol' Honda Pilot every time this song comes on. This performance on SNL is from last year, but it makes me so happy. I've watched it a zillion times. It's a great way to start your weekend.

Have a good one!!!

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