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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Spring Snow Daybook 3-14-17

For Today

Looking out my window

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. Good morning, Snow-shine.

I am thinking
How very, very welcome is this beautiful snow. I claim to hate cold weather and snow, but after zero snow days this year this is a much needed break for all of us.

I am thankful
For the teenagers in my house. I know it's weird. But they are funny and smart and quick-witted and every morning they make me laugh. What a wonder are the boys He gave me? How is it that they can get on my very last nerve one minute and crack me right up the next? The other day as they walked out the door to school ribbing each other and yelling their good-byes to me, I realized that I had a giant smile on my face for almost a full five minutes after they left. 
One of my favorite things
St. Patrick's Day!!!

I love St. Patrick's Day so since we potentially have a couple of days off this week, I figured we would celebrate early.  And by that I mean we will eat all the mint chocolate things we can find.

photo from

The blog Mix and Match Mama has some really fun recipes for just about any holiday. Actually, to be honest, I don't care if they're fun, I care if they're easy. And none of her recipes give me an eye twitch. She has lots of recipes for yummy St. Patrick's Day treats. Yesterday I made these Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies and they're almost gone. Last year I made these Creamy Mint Brownies. Depending on how long the snow days last we might end up making this Mint Chocolate Oreo Bundt Cake. And then we'll hope we can fit into Steve's truck, power through the snow-covered streets and waddle into the gym. :-/

These stemless wine glasses would be so cute for a St. Patrick's Day party if one didn't have a baseball game to attend. They're from Target.

Also, Fake Daughter and I made it to Target yesterday to be sure we had a full deck of Skip-Bo cards and all the fun board games for the snow days since Real Sons never play games with me. While we play, Fake Daughter will be wearing these leggings.

I am creating
A list so long of light fixtures that I like for above my kitchen table that I could light the entire world. I cannot make the simplest decisions about decor in my home without feeling like  my head is going to spin off. Time to call in the bigshot again. My designer is a genius and keeps my head on my body. ;-)

I am wearing

I pulled out the flannel Christmas pjs at about 6:00 pm last night in anticipation of the snowstorm and I imagine I'll stay in them all day today. They make me deliriously happy.

I am reading

I am almost finished reading Sharp Objects which is by the same author who wrote Gone Girl and is equally creepy.  I hope to finish it today and move on to The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

I am watching

By some miracle there were no basketball games on last night, so I was able to convince a couple of my guys to watch a movie with me. We watched Sully and it was really good. Can Tom Hanks make a bad movie? (Oh wait, yes he can. Joe Vs. the Volcano. I walked out of that one.) I also spent most of my weekend catching up on all the important current events of the day This is UsGrey's AnatomyBig Little Lies and Scandal.

I am listening to

I was listening to this song on the treadmill at the gym over the weekend and I ended up having to tightly grip the side rails so as not to raise my hands in the air like some kind of crazy church lady. I did end up with tears springing out of my eyes. This video is long and I think someone goes on to give a sermon after Kari Jobe sings, but it is worth a listen to hear her sing this, because oh my word, this voice. And even more, oh my word, this Jesus. Perfect song for Easter. Perfect song for running on the treadmill if you don't mind crying at the same time. 

I am hoping

As much as I am enjoying the snow today and might tomorrow, I am hoping that we could move swiftly from this to spring and baseball games where I won't worry about losing my toes to frostbite in the 6th inning. 

In my kitchen

photo from

Some kids are going to want some snow day pancakes soon. I might as well make these. We're on a roll.

Post Script
from studiomcgee on Instagram

I am loving the Instagram feed and website Studio McGee for home decor ideas. Such beautiful photos.
Shared Quote

"A holy God in the middle of life's mundane activities will change your life." 
-Lysa TerKeurst

A moment from my day
Lots of moments with these guys. And lots of moments when I don't have to take out the puppy in the snow because of these guys. :-)

Closing Notes
"Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in all the earth." Psalm 46:10

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

I think you know how to live life in the moment. It's a joy to hear you enjoying your teen fellows. Enjoy those mint green moments this week. Stay cozy!


Anonymous said...

I'm stopping by from The Simple Woman's link up. I enjoyed your post a lot! You reminded me of long-gone days when I had teenagers in the house. How they can make you want to pull your hair out and laugh, almost at the same time :)
Enjoy those snow days, your snow is beautiful! We never see snow here in the deep south.
By the way, I just finished reading The Magnolia Story and really enjoyed it.
Have a great week,
Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)
PS I'm not always able to comment through my main blog, Reflections, so I often have to use my second blog for that.

Karen said...

I miss having teens in my house! I never thought I would say that:/ Well, yes I knew I would, but the longing just doesn't go away.

We have similar tastes in movies/shows. Just watched Sully a few weeks ago! Love Tom Hanks xo :)