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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Stitch Fix Summary

It's that time again! I got my March Stitch Fix box and yet again, my stylist did a pretty good job at picking pieces I really like. If you've read here before you know I'm a big fan of Stitch Fix for lots of reasons. At the top of the list, would be the fact that I seem to forget that package is coming every other month and since mail is so 1990s, it feels like Christmas every time it shows up on my doorstep. Also, the pieces they have sent me are unique, but not too trendy. There has not been a single time that I've not wanted to keep at least one of the items.

Having said that, the most I've ever kept was three of the five items sent. In general, for me, if I don't keep a piece it's because I already have something similar in my closet. Sometimes it's due to a color issue because I have some irrational aversions to certain colors. I have to say though that in those cases, I take the blame. Stitch Fix is constantly prompting customers to make comments and send notes to stylists. There is always the opportunity to update your style profile which includes details about sizing, style, price points and preferences.

So, if you want to try Stitch Fix, you can sign up by clicking on the Stitch Fix icon on the right side of the blog. You pay a $20 styling fee and receive a box of 5 items. The fee is deducted from the price of items you keep and you send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. If you keep all five you get a 25% off. 

Ok, here's the loot from this month.

Collective Concepts
Sofia Dress

This dress is adorable and perfectly my style. Even though I didn't say anything to my stylist, with Easter, Mother's Day, and Joe's graduation coming up there will be loads of chances to wear this dress. I love the color, the cute tie around the waist and the cap sleeves. It is lined which is awesome and the fabric is a great quality. It could be dressed up with these nude heels or worn more casual with sandals. If spring doesn't come quick enough I could wear it with boots and a jacket. This dress was a keeper.

Market & Spruce 
Colibri Polka Dot Print Top

I loved this tunic blouse. It fit perfectly and navy and white are a sure fire indicator that spring is coming. (And all the people said, "Amen!") I thought it looked so cute with white jeans, these wooden heeled wedge sandals and gold jewelry. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify keeping this one because I have too many similar tops already. I had to kiss this one goodbye.

Fantasia Accessories
Lindsey Crochet Detail Oblong Scarf

I think the best part of having a lightweight spring scarf is that you don't need to think much about the rest of your outfit. All you need is a tshirt and you're all set. This marigold/orangey color is beautiful. I was *this* close to sending this back only because even though I adore the color, I'm not quite sure it is the best for my complexion and coloring. I had pretty much decided to return it, but then I started having anxiety and regret about putting it in the envelope when I think the Lord intended for us to be together. I mean, I could dye my hair. This scarf might be worth it. So this was close, but it was a keeper.

Nine Britton 
Tenna Embroidered Knit Hoodie
Adele Skinny Jean

I put these two items together because DUH. Look how cute they would be. So happy and springy and fun! Who wouldn't keep these two things? 

I'll tell you who. 


But now, after looking at this cheery, happy outfit in this photo I'm becoming concerned. I think I might have personal issues. Point in fact, I am sitting here right now in our hip, cool, colorful library in my favorite writing spot wearing black leggings, a black cami, and a black tunic. Come to think of it, this is a very long table and I'm the only one here. Are the patrons of our fine public library scared of me? Do they think my heart is as black as my clothing? If I was wearing this outfit would there be people lined up to share an electrical outlet with the shiny, happy girl with the rose on her shoulder?

Hey, Happy Knit Hoodie and Bright Colored Denim: It's not you. It's me.

Let's start with the hoodie. While I am a diagnosed stripe addict, I just can't even with the floral applique on the shoulder. My friend, Nancy, came over to see my Fix this time and she thought it was really cute. She said that the flower patches are all over the place this spring.

Hey, Hoodie, what do I know? You need to be with someone who appreciates your jaunty little pop of color. Someday I'll be sorry. I'll probably beg you to come back, but you'll be whistling dixie in the closet of Patty Positivity. You're better off, Hoodie.

As for the jeans, I must say the fit was PERFECT. The best part was the length. It is a rare day when a girl who is barely 5'2" can find jeans that don't need to be hemmed. Still, again, perhaps my heart is as black as my shirt, but I can't with the coral/rose color. On other people, I think colored denim is adorable. I just can't do it.

Dear Colored Denim: You are all the rage, friend. You know it and I know it. Carry on. You'll find someone. I promise.

So that's my Stitch Fix for this month. Remember that Mother's Day is coming up and also Stitch Fix has now created Stitch Fix for Men. I think a Gift Card is a fabulous idea for your mom or your man and if you want to sign up for yourself, I'd be so appreciative if you use my referral link.

Have a great day, Friends!

*Disclosure: If you sign up for Stitch Fix and copy and paste my referral link when you sign up or if you click the "Stitch Fix" icon on the right side of the blog under the "About Me" section and sign up, I'll get a $25 credit on my next box. I also will get a small compensation for any gift card purchased.*

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