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Saturday, May 13, 2017

You Might Be a Baseball Mom . . .

Hi, Friends!

I'm thrilled and honored that the Northern Virginia Travel Baseball League has published one of my pieces on their website especially for all the Baseball Moms out there!  Some of my longtime readers might recognize this one. Even if the Baseball Park is not your home away from home, it's really for all of you who spend hours scheduling carpools to practice, sitting in the bleachers or on the sidelines or in the auditorium and purchasing all manner of cleaning products and potions to fight stains in uniforms.

Read it HERE.

Have a blessed Mother's Day!

And on a serious note, a special shout out and prayer for my friends who are grieving the loss of a child today. You are loved. I hope you feel God's presence and peace as near as the very air around you. You are always, always your child's mama and my thoughts and prayers are with you this weekend.

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