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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Traveling for Fall Baseball?: What to Pack & What to Leave at Home (Pretty Please)

For most people in America, the onset of fall brings the excitement of back-to-school, football games, crisp, cool mornings and the widespread infiltration of pumpkin spice into every darn aspect of our lives. For travel baseball moms, it also brings the beginning of the Fall Baseball Season which wasn't even a thing when my husband, brother or dad played baseball back in the day.

These days baseball - as well as almost every other sport - does not stay in its own lane. Fall Baseball, Winter Workouts, Spring and Summer Baseball are here to stay. This is not the 1970s when you spent your fall Saturdays watching college football, followed by The Love Boat and Fantasy Island and your Sundays watching the NFL, followed by 60 minutes and All in the Family. Those days are long gone, Friend.

Now your family togetherness must consist of traveling up I - 95 on Sunday evening in bumper to bumper traffic while you promise your kid you'll be more than happy to spring for new cleats if he will kindly throw those nasty things out the window.

Most of us moms are gearing up for some traveling with our little knuckleballers for a least a few weekends this fall and that can be cause for a lot of stress. As I cannot even begin to count the number of Hampton/Comfort/Holiday/Days/AnyOtherNameYouCanComeUpWith Inns I have stayed in over lo' my many years (ten and counting . . .) as a travel baseball mom, I thought I might offer you a little help.


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