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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daybook: Tuesday 4/17

Outside my window:
It is sunny and hot and I LOVE IT!!!

I am thinking:
about a beautiful, smart, little girl who is celebrating her 5th birthday today and hoping she is having the happiest and most blessed day.

I am thankful:
for God’s mercy and grace and for that miraculous love that I prayed for last week. His love has proven miraculous, but as usual I am going to keep on asking…could use a bit more in the miracle department, please.   Good thing for Luke 1:37.

In the kitchen:
Well, there is a stove, an oven and a fridge.  Hmmmm….I might need to use them today.

I am wearing:
I would love to tell you that I’m wearing my perfectly matched pink pjs, but they are crumpled up in the bottom of the laundry pile.  I am actually wearing a t-shirt and a pair of St. Patrick’s Day boxers that I bought for my hubby that say I Heart Beer with a shamrock where the heart goes.  Yes, I am a vision of class and loveliness.

I am going:
To the library to return Horace and Morris but Mostly, Delores , Whopper Cake and Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo, books I read to Drew’s 1st grade class. How great are picture books and 1st grade? 

I am wondering:
How I got so lucky to have a friend who will listen to my worry again and again and always, always will say the right thing.  God has given her the gift of sifting through the muck for me so that we always end our conversation finding our way to the clarity of light that is our God (well, it ends that way and usually with:  “Oh, my people are walking in the door…gotta go”).  She brings me back from my frantic effort to figure out how I will fix a situation to trusting in the mighty power of Him rather than the muddled up panic of me. After we talk, my mind clears, my heart settles and fear’s grip loosens because she reminds me that God is bigger.  You are rock solid, Mrs. R. and I thank Him for plopping you down in the middle of my life every single day. 

I am reading:
The Hunger Games.  Ok, yes. I am.  I said I wasn’t going to read it.  I got all snooty-pooty about it since everyone was reading it and everyone was telling me how good it was and the premise sounded positively awful to me, but yes, I’m reading it.  Also, we’re on Chapter 19 in the Gospel of John at CBS and I’m starting the daily devotional, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, which my mom sent to me.  I’m still working on Gift from the Sea which my mom sent to me weeks ago, but I can’t find it.  (Note to Mom: Hold your horses on the sending of the books.  I’m not as smart as you think I am and clearly a bit of a disorganized mess.)  And by the way, I am not good at reading more than one book at a time.  In fact, the lovely and talented Mrs. C. and I were just discussing this issue of reading more than one book at a time and she said, “I really don’t understand how people have affairs.  I cannot handle juggling more than one book.  There is no way I could handle juggling more than one man.”  Ditto, Mrs. C.

I am hoping:
That Drew will keep up the excitement he had when he found out he needed to get glasses last week.  When the doctor confirmed he would need them, my heart kind of fell, only because he has already been given the gift of nut allergies, seasonal asthma, red hair and fair skin, which is beautiful, but not conducive to being outside as much as our family is.  Shame on me.  Drew’s reaction was a fist-pump and yelling out “YES!”  Mostly because he thinks those “rec-specs” that he’ll wear for baseball are the coolest.  We go to pick up the glasses today.  If you know him and see him, could you please tell him how utterly awesome he looks?  Thanks.

I am listening to:
The dishwasher swishing.  And you thought I didn’t know how to use the kitchen.

On my IPod:
“Love Me” by JJ Heller.  Find it on ITunes, but find your Kleenex first.

A favorite quote for today:
“Joe is awesome.  To Do List:  Buy Joe a cake.” (Don’t know if this is a quote exactly, but it is what I found written in distinctly 13-year-old handwriting on a post-it note next to my grocery list.

Verse for today:
“For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37

One of my favorite things:
Lessons learned, forgiveness granted, grace (and milkshakes) given. (AFTER the weekend consequences)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Oil changes, doctors appointments, carpools, trying to be in three places at one time.  Oh, and the strongest man in the world has a birthday coming up.  Stay tuned.

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Melanie said...

“I really don’t understand how people have affairs. I cannot handle juggling more than one book. There is no way I could handle juggling more than one man.”
Absolutely love this! And the rest of your post as well. I really need to get to know you : )

Anonymous said...

Tell Drew it's cool to wear glasses. His Uncle Bill will be getting his pair next week.

Anonymous said...

nice blog. glad I stopped by. See you around the block!

Jenn said...

Thank you!

Jenn said...

Thanks, Melanie! Glad you found your way here!