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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MY People are Coming!

I am still cramped up in a hotel room with a lot of testosterone because my husband's baseball players keep batting and pitching their little hearts out and waking up to play another game.  It's wonderful and overwhelming and I am feeling so blessed to be a part of it, but let's be honest:  It smells in here.  So, that means that I am beyond excited that these sweetly scented girlies will be coming to visit me in only two days:

They all have lots of estrogen and they all have my DNA and they all were born on Texas soil.  They will all sit with me on the dock and paint toenails and read fashion magazines and make me laugh until I cry.  We will be missing one little girl who loves pretty toes and dresses and girly things, too, but we will be thinking pink thoughts and sending them her way.  We'll have a Girl's Day just like we did last time where we'll go shopping in a quaint little town near our lake house.  My boys would never go somewhere described as "quaint".  We'll eat in a restaurant where you don't have to grab your napkins out of a metal box next to the coke machine.  Then, my sister and I will look at all the fancy salads, but we'll go ahead and order a giant cheeseburger and fries, BUT...two plates, please...we'll just split it.

Oh, and bonus:  More boys!  The strongest man in the world is coming, too and I can't wait to hear his first dumb joke.  Also, my brother-in-law is coming and he actually can give my dad a run for his money in the making me laugh until my tummy hurts category.  Unfortunately, we will be missing two more boys who we love, but we'll have a few laughs for them and think about how we'll all be together soon.

No worries for my boys though, because there is one more of their variety joining the fun.  I'm pretty sure this little dude will fit in with my crew just fine:

Counting the days, my people.  I'll see you soon.  Off to the ballpark again to see how long we can keep riding this wave of wins.   No matter what happens:  Oh, how great is our God.

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