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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Clearly on a Break

Apparently, children running around the house in the last few weeks of summer suck all the words out of my brain because for the last few weeks even when I have the words in my head, by the time I get to the computer I am unable to get them down.  School starts next week, so I am imagining my days filled with coffee and silence and carpal tunnel syndrome from all the writing I will be doing.  So to the ten or so of you (thanks, Mom and sister) who read this and might want to read more, sit tight.  I am finding what I have known for awhile:  that I need to write for myself.  It settles me, along with a few other things like running, phone calls with my sister and chatting it up with Jesus. I have found the time for those other things this summer, so I am itching to get back to the writing.  I hope for my own sanity, it will come back.

In the meantime, I will let you know that I am on sleepover #3 today, as each boy has been allowed to blow out this summer of 2012 with one more invitation to friends for nighttime insanity. By the way, it is not a slumber party...those are for girls...who knew?  In honor of this occasion, I think I might institute a new feature on this blog which is in regard to being a fly on the wall (or in my case, a driver of the car or guest at the dinner table) as a bunch of boys talk to each other....because  To be honest, the following conversation actually took place as I drove three 10 year olds to hockey practice almost a year ago and I wrote it down when I got home because...well, you'll see.

5th grader #1:  (He had just gotten back from camping over the weekend.  That might be relevant...not sure)  “Let me give you guys some advice.  Never go into the woods and sell a loaded gun to a stranger.”
5th Grader #2:  (also known as my kid) “Why?...Hobo?”

5th Grader #3:  “Dude,  I think we have common sense”
5th Grader #1: “Well, yea, but he just asked about the Hobo…so…”

Note to self:  ????? Add the selling of firearms to a Hobo to the list of important conversations to have with your pre-teen.
 Thanks for still tuning in here, y'all. I'll be back. Have a blessed day.


3 comments: said...

Is it a problem that I totally followed that conversation between the 10 year old boys? :)xo

Anonymous said...

I know I heard this conversation before...(as the mom of the boy who played the part of 5th grader #1)...but it's even funnier in black and white. No one was around to hear me snort when I laughed just now. I'm so happy you'll be continuing to write as the new school year begins! Keep up the great work!

Leslie Roberts Norman said...

It is just beginning for me....the sleepovers.....I dread it....the boys do not seem to want to sleep.
Here is what I overheard this week at Pawleys between William and his toys....."Destroy him....Kill....bgh..bgh...bgh...."
Then -
Seeing a beautiful flock of pelicans fly over...William pulls out an invisible shot gun and shoots three times...looks over at mama to get my reaction.

Ugh. Need more church time and less TV time.

Keep up the writing. Blessings.