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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Evening Daybook: August 13

Outside my window:
is the parking lot of the same Starbucks as last week.  I think this may be my new Monday evening home while Joe is practicing with a new team farther away from home than usual.

I am thinking:
about how helping someone the way I think I should help, might just be the opposite of the kind of help that person really needs.

I am listening to:
The Beach Boys on some CD that Starbucks is playing.  I am really, really, really not a fan of the Beach Boys.  I am sure they are nice men though.

I am wearing:
plaid madras shorts, navy tank top, flip flops

I am thankful:
for my children's health, mentally and physically, in this moment in time.  I know that it could change at any moment in time.

In the kitchen:
I made the soup from that Dr. Oz detox article I read.  I can't seem to quit him, mainly because I wasn't able to quit the french fries at the ballpark this weekend.  I couldn't find everything for the soup so I kinda made up some parts of it which is really, really scary because even when I follow recipes to the letter, I usually find a way to mess them up.  There was no miso paste in three different stores today, so I saw curry paste which is probably anti-detox (tox?) or something, but I used it anyway and the soup isn't terrible.  At this moment, I feel a million times better than I did after eating those fries.

I am hoping:
that the Open House for rising 6th graders at the middle school tomorrow will make my middle man less anxious about middle school.  He was originally the most concerned about not being able to work the combination locks on the lockers, so I bought him one to practice with last week.  He unlocked it on the first try and came running outside where I was watering the plants, holding the opened lock as if it was a Super Bowl trophy.  Combination lock, check.  Findingthe way around a gigantic new school with stairs (!), changing into gym clothes in the locker room, new teachers and students?  Not checked yet.  He is going into the open house with four of his best friends.  I'm picturing them linking arms and shouting, "We Got This!" as they walk in tomorrow.

I am going:
to order a decaf sugar free vanilla soy latte.  Take that,  Dr. Oz.  You're not the boss of me.

I am learning:
that not all players in the 11U/12U division are built all.  Dear Tournament Director:  Perhaps there was a mix-up?

I am reading:
I have a stack of books by my bed and I really, really am going to try to read one starting tomorrow.  Until then, I just re-read this article.  Good stuff, I think.

I am wondering:
if you might want another look at another example of how all 11 and 12 year olds are not built alike.  It took everything I had not to shout:  "KYLE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!"  or "JUMP UP AS HIGH AS YOU CAN AND TAG HIS ANKLE, THEN STOP, DROP AND ROLL!"

PS. I hope this is not offensive.  These big guys were good players and most of them were also good sports...had to be when we beat them the first time we played them....they beat us the second time, by 1 run.  We have little guys with big hearts.

I am praying for:
a friend to find joy and peace and rest on her vacation this week.

I am looking forward to: 
a couple more weeks of summer.  Not quite ready for school yet.

A quote for today:
Today's quote is from Drew. For some context:  The "tooth fairy" was busted a few nights ago.  The tooth fairy woke up at 2:47 am and realized she forgot her duty.  She was as quiet as a mouse, but she couldn't find the tooth, so she kept fishing around and then running out the door and then coming back to try again.  Then she just left the money and decided to forget the tooth and started out the door.  Then Drew woke up, sat up and said, "OH!  I knew it was you!"  The tooth fairy turned around and stared blankly at him, sputtering something about checking on him because of the thunder.  Though it was dark, she could see the distinct look of sympathy on his freckled face as he said, "Oh, it's okay to tell the truth, Mommy.  You can't let me get too big believing this stuff."

A verse for today:
A friend going through a great deal of pain recently told me how bitterness plagues the day and efforts to let go of it are so hard.  How difficult it is to not be bitter when pain remains.  I found this today, friend, and thought of you and a whole lot of others in pain: 

"Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again;  from the depths of the earth, you will again bring me up."  -Psalm 71:2

I believe it, I really do, even when the bringing up seems so far away.

On my Ipod:
Slumber by NeedtoBreathe

One of my favorite things:
wooden benches, old hymns, and a cross by the lake at the summer lakeside worship service near our lakehouse.  Surely the presence of God is in that place.

A few plans for the week:
basketball camp for one, baseball practices, getting in the last of the pool time...possible Third Day concert on Saturday!!!

A peek into my day:

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houseofestrogen said...

Enjoyed reading your daybook! That first picture of the 11U/12U league is crazy! That guy looks HUGE! Good luck to your little guys this season!

Jerralea said...

LOL at your comment that Dr. Oz is not the boss of you! (Me either)

I've noticed that sometimes teams in the same division can really be different in physical size. But what matters is who plays with the most heart!

Love the tooth fairy story! Your little man is so right - he can't go on for ever believing that stuff. It cracks me up how wise children really are - they go right to the heart of the matter.

Leslie Roberts Norman said...

Thanks for the words. I WISH I had time to do what you do....but I cannot complain. I am blessed with my different life. Prayers to your rising 6th grader and peace to him in his new school adventure!!! Love ya- Leslie

Leslie Roberts Norman said...

I have no idea who Dr. Oz is - I just do the lean bodies diet......