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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday after Labor Day Daybook: September 4

Warning:  I'm wordy today...even for me...wordy times a bazillion.

Outside my window:
It's dark and early.  I'm hoping that the humidity will go away today.  The weekend was disgusting and I feel like we're all going to get malaria.  I look like I have chicken pox, I have so many bug bites.  Yuck.
I am thinking:
of so very many prayer requests.  As I grimace and whine this morning about my healthy children leaving a trail of mess for me to clean, I receive emails begging prayers:  two children in our neighborhood have been diagnosed with cancer;  a college friend's cousin is fighting for his life after a fall from a bluff in Tennessee;  a pregnant mommy lies still, willing her baby to stay put;  a father who can't seem to forgive himself claws his way out of a desperate situation to find his way back to his children with only their forgiving love and faith to keep him focused;  a boy returns to school after losing a mother to cancer and a father to a car accident only a few months later. Really, God?  Really?  My heart breaks and my heart begs Him.  But first and selfishly, my heart thanks Him again for this little bubble of undeserved grace in which my family of five rests.  I just can't stop thinking and I just can't understand the sorrow of this life sometimes.  That little bit of faith...some days it is so very, very small as a mustard seed.
I am thankful:
for pediatricians and the course of medicines we have used over the past two years that have prevented Drew from having an asthma attack.  The last time we rushed to the ER with his little body fighting for breath was Labor Day Weekend two years ago.  I am always nervous this time of year, but he is breathing like a champ these days.  So, so, so thankful for Singulair and nebulizers and smarty pants doctors.
In the kitchen:
Oh, I don't know.  Pass on this one.
I am wearing:
black and green running shorts, black tank top.  Not sure I can make myself go run out in the humid Virginian rain forest out there though.
I am listening to:
cicadas and/or crickets and all manner of bugs just sitting out there waiting to attack me.
I am going:
to meet up with my group of Bible Studying mommies who have had a very big part in keeping me functioning for the last 11 years.  We used to lug our "pak n plays" and diaper bags to our meetings during naptimes.  Later, we'd put the little ones downstairs in the basement with toys and snacks while we cried and laughed and spilled our hearts.  Now all of our children are in school. We prayed all those years ago that we would give our kids a good foundation in God's love and that we would actually make it to these days where we could talk without interruption.  Now, we look to new challenges but, thankfully we still look to each other and to the same faithful God.
I am wondering:
if all the clutter clearing and organizing I plan on this week will actually happen. 
I am reading:
I finished Ann Patchett's State of Wonder which was set in the Amazon rain forest and was about pharmaceutical companies, doctors, malaria and vaccine research and my mind hurts.  So I bought the People Magazine with Prince Harry on it yesterday because a girl really doesn't want to limit herself to reading great literature that makes her brain work hard.  Do not be troubled though, because on the list, I also have 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I'm going to tackle those as soon as I figure out what in heck is going on with Prince Harry.
I am hoping:
that week #2 of school will go as well or better than week #1.  No tears in week #1.  I'm not going to hold my breath. (Update:  I started this post before the littlest man woke up.  TEARS.  LOTS.)
I am looking forward to:
seeing my very best friend from high school this weekend as she makes her way to Virginia to check her son into school.  Lori Sue, don't forget the curling iron and Final Net, the cheerleader skirts and the Madonna cassette, the purple Maybelline eyeshadow and the Dr. Pepper LipSmackers.  We'll watch St. Elmo's Fire and talk about boys....Oh yeah....except our husbands and children will be around, too.  How did that happen?  Aren't we still 17? 
I am pondering:
how I can get this little one to stop growing up. Look at that tush. I just can't take it,

I am praying:
for all those people I was thinking about above.  And for the faith as small as a mustard seed to move these big ol' mountains.
On my Ipod:
People magazine says Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy.  I thought you should know.  That reminded me of this song on my Ipod.  I sent it to my mom for Mother's Day a few years ago.  Listen, Moms.  I dare you not to cry.
A quote for today:
"Just be grateful and kind and brave.  That's all you ever need to be." - Glennon Melton
A verse for today:
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." - Ephesians 6:10
One of my favorite things:
Big wins over the weekend.  I've said it before.  I don't like losing.  I know it sounds like I'm immature and unrealistic about life.  I can handle losing and I can do it gracefully.  I will love my kids just as much if they hit a homerun or strike out looking.  I will think they are the best kids ever if they win or lose or if they never play a sport again.  I just don't prefer the losing.  And neither do you.  Don't kid yourself.  So the FAVORITES:

2.  Little 8U Blue Ridge Senators playing in their first tournament of the season:  4 wins and 0 losses 

A few plans for the week:
Fall baseball season in full swing, organizing closets and drawers and cabinets, less nagging(?), being the best mom and wife EVAH.  It's a plan...

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