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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Daybook: October 1

Outside my window:
blue sky, shiny sun.  Thank you, Jesus.
I am thinking:
about men and women, Mars and Venus.
I am thankful:
for the man from Mars that lives in my house and tries really hard to understand me and then make me laugh.  It must be exhausting.  I sent him a text this weekend lamenting that we seem never to be together in the same place lately.  He texted back, "I know.  I would miss me, too".  Funny, guy that one.
I am wearing:
I am listening to:
quiet house except for Steve turning the pages of the newspaper.
In the kitchen:
Guess what?  There was lasagna, meatloaf and something called Chicken Imperial last week.  No one asked me to cook with Matt Lauer like Giada does, but still . . . 3 real meals. Yea, me!  This week will be lamb with some kind of Dijon/rosemary/garlic spread and Tortilla Soup one night.  Take that, Matt and Giada. 
I am going:
to wrap up some gifts.  Someone is turning fourteen years old this weekend, so while I'm wrapping gifts, I'm going to try to figure out how that happened.
I am reading:
The Monster Who Ate My Peas by Danny Schnitzlein which is the story I read to Drew's 2nd grade class.  We've read it a few times since.  I think perhaps reading a children's picture book with a little person once a day might be a solution to all the world's ills.
I am wondering:
what's the point, the purpose, the calling?  Of this season of my life?  Of my daily grind?  Of this blog?  Of me?  I'm doing a lot of wondering and wishing God would speak clearly on this.  Does He speak Russian or something?  Perhaps I need more coffee and a Rosetta Stone CD.
I am pondering:
"...train the eyes of your heart to see how an unseen God works in your own life experiences and reminds you that He is never more present than when He seems strangely absent.  That's what providence is all about." - from Beth Moore in the study of Esther. I think she might help me with the wondering.  I trust her.  She has big Texas hair, a fabulous Texas accent and when describing a plate of enchiladas, she says,  "Now, that's a blessing."  Just based on that, I think she is trustworthy and I can learn something from her.
I am hoping:
that I can start the "clean up the basement storage room project" and finish it without stopping to watch Grey's Anatomy or anything else stuck in my DVR lineup.
I am learning:
that I do not enjoy being the mother of the pitcher.  Too much pressure.
I am looking forward to:
the weekend with Little Thunder at a tournament at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Can I confess that I had no idea there was a beach in Delaware until I moved here 20 years ago?  I must have been dreaming about Jon Bon Jovi during US Geography class.
A quote for the week:
"I am perpetually with you, taking care of you.  That is the most important fact of your existence."  - from Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence
A verse for the week:
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11
On my IPOD:
Revelation by Third Day
One of my favorite things:
being woken up at 6:50 am on a Saturday morning by a little red haired boy in my face saying, "Hey, Mom, when you were little in the 1900s, was there Captain America?" (Truth:  it wasn't a favorite until after I had a 2nd cup of coffee and then thought back on it.)
I am praying:
for many.
A few plans for the week:
Joe's birthday, baseball practices, a trip to the beach.
A peek into my day:
(don't sign me up for hoarders, the rest of the house is okay):



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Anonymous said...

Esther and cleaning a storage room all in one day....look out Gretchen Rubin!
Love, Mrs. C