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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I don't know who I am anymore


Yesterday I did all kinds of grown up things.  I made a big breakfast for my kids with eggs and bacon and cinnamon rolls.  Maybe that's no big deal in your house, but that is like Christmas morning on Tuesday around here.  I called the Loudoun County government about registering my car and pressed "1" for this and "4" for that and finally got a real person.  It was so much fun you wouldn't have believed it.  I also made calls to the eye doctor, a roof construction guy and a pesticide company.  Again, SO.MUCH.FUN.

Then I was really responsible and picked up some reeds for Joe's saxophone which he has only asked me about for a week.  I forgot to get the protractor.  I put gas in the car. I bought some cute Christmas pjs for my niece and nephew.  I sat with all of the other parents at the Honor Roll assembly.  I held my applause until all the names were read and all that polite stuff.  I finished my Bible Study for the week on 1 Kings 19-20.  I made a dinner with vegetables and protein.  I took one kid to basketball practice.  Then I took two kids to a Youth Group event.  Then I snuggled up with my two oldest and read The Outsiders aloud to them because I wanted to read it again and I thought that would be good bonding parent/sons stuff.  Responsible.  Loving.  Supportive of my family. I didn't even write that much.  I started a post about trying to see ourselves as God sees us and understanding our worth or something really sweet like that.

Responsible. Supportive.  Loving.  Mature.

All day I went around doing that stuff and I didn't even know that all day long I could've been preparing because last night there was a one time showing of this Bon Jovi MOVIE. 


Y'all.  I had no idea.  NO IDEA.  I haven't read the "Arts and Entertainment" section of The Washington Post in a long while.  I left my People magazine on the airplane.  Who does that?

I was being responsible, loving, supportive.  And you know what else?  Old.  Old with reasonable bangs and no electric blue eyeliner.

I was frantically searching my Iphone late last night for the showtimes, just in case, and telling my husband the tragic events that had occurred.

So he said with shame and disgust, "Well, I certainly hope you're proud of yourself."

And when I turned around to look at him, he was holding his fingers in the shape of an L on his forehead.  He's so sweet.

So now, I'm going to take to my bed which has clean sheets on it because I am all caught up on my laundry.  For real.  I'm going to blast my Ipod full of "Wanted Dead or Alive" and "She's a Little Runaway" and try to figure out how my 17 year old dreams of never missing a Bon Jovi event went up in smoke while I was being so shamefully adultish.

On second thought though, I do have to pick up that protractor and I guess I better do that.  But first, I'm going to style my hair, just like this.

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