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Monday, November 26, 2012

Grateful Daybook: Monday, November 26, 2012

Outside my window:
32 degrees
I am thinking:
about the 500 emails in my inbox screaming at me about Cyber Monday.  They are annoying me.  I've never once shopped on Black Friday, but I'm in my pjs and it's warm in here and 50% off EVERYTHING at JCrew?  Really?  Darn you, Big Marketing American Greedy Consumerism.  Why is it so hard to delete you?
I am thankful:
for a wonderful week of family, especially on Friday night when we had twenty-six people holding hands in a circle (number 27 was in her baby swing) giving thanks for the overwhelming abundance of His grace, His blessings, His forgiveness and a family's love that binds together over time and space.  Love really does endure and it never ever fails.
In the kitchen:
coffee and a certain 14 year old's forgotten lunch.
I am wearing:
a friendship bracelet that I made with the sweetest, smartest five year old little girl ever.  It is going to have to get grubby and frayed enough to fall off on its own because I'm not taking it off.  I also know of three big boy cousins who are sporting their pink, blue and purple bracelets today.

I am going:
to bring the previously mentioned lunch to the school office because I just got a text saying how much someone loves me and how sorry someone is that he forgot his lunch.  Yes, I am a SUCKER.
I am wondering:
if there is anything more adorable than a bunch of rowdy boys struck gentle and still and completely in love with a six pound bundle of pink.

I am reading:
Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio
I am hoping:
that the Texas Longhorns will find someone that can MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN like my man, Colt McCoy used to do.  We lost to TCU, y'all.  TCU. (Yes, I stood by myself in University Co-op in Austin on Tuesday and took this photo.  I am a dork.  Hubby is lucky I didn't buy the thing and sit Colt in the airplane seat next to me on the way back home.)

I am looking forward to:
bundling up and running off a serious Thanksgiving food hangover.  Well, "looking forward to" is a stretch lie. 
I am praying:
prayers of gratitude.
A favorite quote poem for today:

There is no vocabulary
For love within a family, love that's lived in
But not looked at, love within the light of which
All else is seen, the love within which
All other love finds speech
This love is silent
-TS Eliot

I am pondering:
what luck to have family from California to Texas to Virginia and even to Brazil who get together and laugh like we have never been apart.

A verse for today:
"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;  His love endures forever." - 1 Chronicles 16:34
On my Ipod:
THE BEST CHRISTMAS CD EVER  #3 and #11 are my favorites.  Get it.
One of my favorite things:
finding this stow-away 3 year old little boy's sock in the pile of big boy socks coming out of the dryer this morning.  It is rare that laundry makes me happy.  When I found this little sock I could just hear that little boy's giggle ringing in my ear and that made me giggle, too.

A few plans for the week:
Tearing out all the Christmas decor ideas from the Pottery Barn catalog because we all know that the baby Jesus is in the business of making miracles happen during this season.  I believe.
A peek into my day:
I'm thinking of blowing this photo up poster size.  Y'all have a good day now, ya hear?

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