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Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Daybook: November 12, 2012

Outside my window:
It is warm and sunny and beautiful, but not for much longer apparently.
I am thinking:
honestly?  about mean people.  Bullies, mean girls . . . how they don't end in middle school sometimes.  I got a number of desperately sad emails in regard to my quotes from Beth Moore on the cowardliness of the mean and the fact that mean always has a history.  These messages were from grown women.  How much muck and pain and despair must live in the heart of one who spews out evil and hate and anger at every turn?  How many lies has that person heard as a child about her worth?  When someone who feels powerless believes that hurting gives power, how terribly painful must that life be?  How hard would it be for a woman (or man) to turn away from the history that brought her to that place?  Based on the emails I got, many find it hard to turn away.  How much peace would it bring to know that living in bitterness and fear is not the life God intends?  How would it be to know that it is never too late to turn to Him for hope and peace and calm? 
I am thankful:
for sunshine, for a 5 mile run, for laying it all at His feet, for His peace, for His grace, for His promises, for His redemptive power.
In the kitchen:
Alert the media:  I HAVE SOMETHING IN THE CROCKPOT.  I am Betty Crocker.
I am wearing:
running shorts, shirt, shoes, ipod head phones.  GO GO GO.
I am going:
to buy new white towels for the bathrooms.  It's safe now since baseball season is over.  Basketball season starts this week and in my world that coincides with new towel season.
I am wondering:
if anyone will actually eat my crockpot dinner.  Highly doubtful.  Bummer.
I am reading:
Esther, Chapter 4 which includes this great verse:  "And who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this?"  Makes me wonder what God intends for me in such a time as this.   And who knows?  Keep searching.
I am hoping:
for miracles in someone's life and for me to have the faith that He really can do the very unlikely, unfathomable miracles that I desperately want to believe that He can.
I am praying:
for the faith to say to that mountain: MOVE!
I am looking forward to:
basketball season!!!! It doesn't get cancelled for rain, it's over in an hour, everyone is moving the entire time, I can see all my kids' faces and my car won't get dirty! (although it will smell.)
I am pondering:
Monday tasks.  Boring.
A favorite quote for today:
"Of all rights bestowed on us as the children of God, perhaps none exceeds the right to repent and turn back to the Lord.  Repentance is not your punishment.  It's your glorious right of daughtership.  Your invitation to restoration."   - Beth Moore
A verse for today:
"He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity."  - Joel 2:13
On my Ipod:
Y'all . . . I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you've been hurt by someone who is not sorry, but apparently that doesn't matter.  I know.  It stinks.  It's soooooo hard.  So hard.  I'm not sure I get it yet, but this song, Forgiveness, by Matthew West, might help or it might not.   You know what?  I really don't know.  Just listen anyway. 
One of my favorite things:
my daddy and the big heart he has and how he is using his life to help a young person who has been dealt a really bad hand.  Dad, I think you were made for such a time as this.  I love you from the heart of my bottom.
A few plans for the week:
basketball practices, watching Drew sing at school on Wednesday, lots of reading, getting ready to see my people, y'all.
A peek into my day:
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