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Monday, January 14, 2013

Daybook: Monday, January 14

Outside my window:
It is very dreary and grey, but 60 degrees, so I'll take it.
I am thinking:
about time and to-do lists and why they seem to have such control over me.  I do not have a job.  I do not have a boss.  Why do I feel like I'm going to be fired if something does not get crossed off the list?  What if I just sat down for a minute?  What if the list sits full today?  Will the world keep spinning? I'm pretty sure that this year God is saying to me, "Slow down, look around and just take a breath, sister.  You are missing the point."  P.S. Half the time, I can't even find the darn list.
I am thankful:
for the diagnosis of sinus infection for hubby which seems weird, but it was not the dreaded flu, so I am giving thanks for infections which can be zapped with antibiotics.
In the kitchen:
Advil, antibiotics, cough syrup, gatorade, soup, Kleenex
I am wearing:
Lululemon black and white striped running top (thank you brother-in-law who drew my name out of the hat for Christmas!), black running pants, running shoes
I am listening to:
I am going:
to think about putting the Nativity away finally even though it makes me sad.  I just think the baby Jesus needs to hang out in my dining room a little while longer. 
I am reading:
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp again.  I read it two years ago, but I think this is a must-read for me every year.
I am hoping:
that I get a good run in today after having had a few days off because my knee has been hurting.  I have taken to calling it my "RGknee" which I thought was downright hysterical.  I didn't get much of a chuckle out of any of my people though.  Whatever.
I am wondering:
what it must feel like for RG3 to have an entire city and its surrounding suburbs holding their breath about his knee injury and his recovery when I can't even get any of my people to laugh at my RGknee joke.  They just don't realize that I am a riot. 
I am looking forward to:
finding time to watch the Golden Globes that I had to tivo last night because there was football on and for some odd reason no one else in this house likes to ooh and aah over dresses and updos and jewelry and Matt Damon. 
I am learning:
lessons in walking the line between being involved and invested in my big kids' success at school and backing off to let them make mistakes and learn lessons in motivation, preparation, hard work and consequences all on their own.  Loosen thy grip, woman.
I am praying:
for the flu to stay AWAY from my house.
On my IPod:
Ok. Truthfully, this is not on my IPod, but I heard it on the 90s satellite radio channel the other day.  Y'all.  What the heck was up with the Beastie Boys?  What the heck are they talking about?  I sure did have a good time listening to this though.  I laughed so hard I thought I would run off the road.  Also, do we feel kinda sorry for the Beastie Boy whose only job was to shout the last word of each line? Or was that a cushy gig?  Discuss. (Warning:  I did not watch the entire video, so I can't promise it's appropriate, but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say probably not.)
I am pondering:
"Time is a relentless river.  It rages on, a respecter of no one.  And this, this is the only way to slow time:  When I fully enter time's swift current, enter into the current moment with the weight of all my attention, I slow the torrent with the weight of me all here." - Ann Voskamp
A quote for today:
" . . . faith is not a once-in-the-past action, but faith is always a way of seeing, a seeking for God in everything." - Ann Voskamp (again!)
A verse for today:
The Lord replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest." - Exodus 33:14
One of my favorite things:
A "Victory Smile" as the Little Patriots break their losing streak. 

A few plans for the week:
an effort to be present, to open my eyes, to seek God in the smallest matters under heaven and to start the list of 1,000 gifts.  Also, I gotta go to the grocery store and spend some time in the laundry room.  I'm guessing He'll show up there as well.
A peek into my day:
At 10:13 am I will be 24 years old, give or take 20 years.

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