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Monday, February 18, 2013

A President's Day Daybook: Monday, February 18, 2013

Outside my window:
bright sun and blue skies.  I'm going to pretend that it is 80 degrees since I haven't checked the temperature yet.
I am thinking:
of so many ideas for blog posts that are stuck in my head and about trying to find the right times to write.  This place gives me so much peace and fulfillment, but it requires time and quiet.  Most of us, women, don't have much of either.  Maybe a writing schedule?  Thinking . . .
I am thankful:
for catching up with friends who I haven't seen in way too long.  For looking those friends in the eye, for listening to their stories, for laughing and crying with them.  For suddenly realizing that it is 1:00 AM and there has not been a minute of silence. For knowing that it is worth the lack of sleep to connect with a friend who is flesh and blood in front of you, not on the other end of an Iphone text.  For friendship . . . it is well with my soul.
I am listening to:
silence since my sleepy heads are taking advantage of the school holiday.
I am wearing:
white t-shirt, plaid blue and yellow pj pants.
In the kitchen:
There is the recipe for my mom's banana pudding.  Drew said, without much enthusiasm, "Well, I guess, you could give it a try, Mom."  I'm not feeling an enormous amount of encouragement for my cooking efforts around here.
I am wondering:
about people who seem to only be able to build themselves up, by bringing others down.  To feel so little bravery and power that one's purpose becomes to focus energy, not on becoming a better version of themselves, but on the relentless degrading of someone else.  I'm pretty sure that is the definition of cowardice.  I'm finding it is quite common in our culture and based on my study of the Old Testament, is pretty much as old as time.  Which brings me to:
A verse for today:
"See how they conceive evil and are pregnant with mischief and bring forth lies.  They make a pit, digging it out, and fall into the pit that they have made.  Their mischief returns upon their own heads, and on their own heads, their violence descends." - Psalm 7:14-16
(Yikes.  Y'all, He really does not play.)
I am going:
hopefully, to take my boys to a movie today if all the homework gets done.  No school.  No video games.  No phones. Just some popcorn and laughing hopefully.
I am reading:
The Book of Esther.  This study is like a watching a really good movie.  Although, unfortunately, it's is quite like real life in the 21st Century because there are a lot of Hamans out there.  Ol' Haman fell right on into that pit he was digging.  Those who are busy digging a pit for someone, might want to watch their step. 
I am looking forward to:
seeing Third Day, who ties Bon Jovi for best band of all time,Thursday in Fairfax.  I am leaving my people to basketball and baseball practice for a date with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and niece.  There is not one of their songs which won't find me saying, "This one's my favorite!"  By the way, I'm pretty sure the first time we took Drew to a concert, he thought the lead singer was Jesus.
On my Ipod:
This one's my favorite (at least until the next one starts):  SING A SONG Now, listen people.  You got this far scrolling through my babbling.  I'm telling you.  If you want to start your day off right,  listen to this song now.  Just do it.  Sister of mine, I know you always skip the songs, busy girl.  Click.  Now.
Around the house:
We will be celebrating the fine Presidents of our great country with some laundry, Math homework and Spanish projects.
I am learning:
how to be a parent and a wife.  I thought I'd have it all down after 14 years as a mom and 18 as a wife.  Lessons everyday.  No diploma yet.  Studying hard.
I am pondering:
new cell phone rules.  I am finding it very annoying to talk to the top of a child's head while it is bent over texting or instagraming or googling Lord knows what.
A quote for today:
I found this on the wall of the indoor baseball facility where my boys have winter workouts.  Amen, Earl.

I am praying:
that I can sit with peace and know that someday when I meet up with Jesus, he will explain all the things about this world that make me say, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" because I don't get so many things.  One of Drew's classmates was diagnosed with cancer in September.  The little guy and his family have been battling a mighty fight with an inspiring faith.  I heard over the weekend that his mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am stumped, Lord.  Please pray for Amy and Chris if you could?
One of my favorite things:
getting letters and updates from the sweet girl we sponsor through World Vision.  We got the opportunity to choose her profile and become her sponsor during intermission of a Third Day concert a few years ago.  She lives in Africa with her family, is in 3rd grade and her favorite color is yellow.  She also happens to be a smarty pants in her Science class because she sent us her grades.  'Atta, girl! 
A few plans for the week:
dentist appointments, basketball playoffs, lots of Bible Study homework.

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