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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Please Don't Bless You on the New Couch and an Experiment

Recently, I saw a Facebook post where a mother stated that she just could not bring herself to correct her daughter who kept talking about "ValentiMe's Day".  She just thought it was so cute.  It reminded me of all the adorable ways my boys have mispronounced words over the years and how I really loved it so much, I rarely corrected them.

For years and years, (perhaps still this year - just kidding, I think) Kyle called animals, AMiNals.  And it just made me burst with glee every time he said it, so I would never, ever correct him.

In preschool, Joe made an art book of masterpieces he had painted with all different kinds of utensils:  sponges, his hands, and halves of oranges and apples.  When I asked him about one of them he said, he had used a lunatic.  After studying it for awhile, I asked if perhaps, he meant a q-tip?  Yes, of course, same thing, Mom.

Very recently, Drew was reading on our new sofa.  I might have threatened my children within an inch of their lives about doing their very, very, very best to keep the new sofa as clean as possible so that I won't do the superfreak and later fall into deep guilt over my obsession with a piece of furniture.  Anyway, Drew was reading and then he sneezed - a giant, loud sneeze - and then he yelled out,

"Mommy, can  you please bring me a Kleenex!  I just bless-youed all over the new couch."

Y'all.  That child is eight years old now.  He surely knows what a sneeze is.  But also, that child is a smart little booger. (no pun intended)  Somehow I wonder if he knew that my heart would melt when he said that and the superfreak would be avoided  for yet another day.

Here, my people, is my favorite one of late.  I got this text from my sister a few months ago.

Is that the best or what?  My sister said she just glanced back at that sweet boy in the rearview mirror and gave him a few seconds.  Can you just picture it?  After he said it, his little face kinda scrunched up and he kinda looked up at the ceiling just searching his little mind, thinking so hard, "constipated?  am I right on that one?  hmmmm . . .yea, constipated.  that's the word, uh-huh."
I know you, mommies out there have a ton of these.  So this is where you can help a gal out with a little experiment. 
Two things have come to my attention lately.  One is that apparently there is something in the blogosphere called a "blogiversary".  My blogiversary was March 8th and I should have written something to commemorate it because I really am ever so grateful to those of you who read, comment on, email about and/or share this here mess of words I write each week.  But, I didn't write anything yet about that, probably because each time I post something I think that maybe that's it and all the words have run out.  Also, my husband usually buys me a Big Gulp of Diet Coke for our anniversary and I get him some peanuts or if it's one of those important ones, I go all out with the Fancy Cashews.  So, I kinda stink at anniversaries.
In any case, in honor of the blogiversary, I am trying to figure out the problem with the comments section of this blog.  Many of you comment on Facebook, since that is the only place where I have promoted this blog so far, which is fine.  Some of you don't comment at all, which is also fine.  I've been reading a number of blogs for years and I rarely comment.  Anyway, according to Sister, to comment on this blog, you have to fill in codes and write in email addresses and basically promise to sell your child on Craigslist or something before it will let you comment.  I think I fixed that, so here's the test today. 
If you have a funny kid story that relates to how adorably mixed-up they can get about the English language, then how about you share it in the comment box here on the blog and let me know how it goes?  Or if you don't have a funny story then you can just say, "Hi".  In any case, give us your best price for your kid.  I'm sure he or she is really cute and totally worth it.
Thanks, friends.  Happy day to you.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty obnoxious with using my girls' toddler phrases. Especially since they are teenagers now. I still refer to them as they use to refer to each other before they could pronounce each other's names. Ca-Ca (Carly), Wanie (Lanie) and Sosie (Sophie). I say "I hungy" and "I yuv you". These things are just automatic for me. They are terribly embarrassing for the girls. Oh well! Do I get points for longest comment? Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Working in a school provides many of these. A collegue reported that in reviewing the introduction to fractions yesterday, one third grade student asked what the bottom number was called, then said oh I know, the dementor!

Anonymous said...

It's not so funny when you are 46 and your mom calls to ask if you've noticed all the daffodillOWS coming up lately and then laughs! Yep, there is a flip side to this issue!

Jill D. said...

One time when Daniel was about 3, I was looking out the window of our house and I said "Oh, look at the pretty Hibiscus." Daniel said "I don't see any biscuits."

Another one, although this isn't really a misunderstanding or pronouncing... once when Abby was throwing a bit of an emotional pre-tween tantrum, Daniel looked at her and then looked at me and said "umm, the crazy train just went through."

Jenn said...

Good ones, Jill D. And what about the time Daniel told you to just go ahead and park in the Helicopter spot?

Tomi said...

When we were trying to pick names for my youngest, we just kept calling her baby 2. One day we were in the car and Myla (age 3 at the time)said "Mommy, that name FWeaks me out"! When we finally did decide on the name Andi, Myla wasn't sure about it at first and cried when I went to get the letters at Hobby Lobby to put on the wall. Then a couple of days later she asked if we could go back to Hobby Lobby because she said "I warmed up to it". At 3 years old, it just made me laugh!

Jenn said...

Love your comments and that I can figure out who you are, Ms. Anonymous because I know who Ca-Ca, Wanie and Sosie are. Reminds me that Drew always called Kyle, Cow-el. So weird, but then that is exactly how my little niece and nephew pronounce Kyle, also! So I call him Cow-el all the time. Miss you, Anonymous! ;)

Jenn said...

Saw your FB comment, too and YES, those daffodillows do make me bless you! :)

Jenn said...

Sweet Myla Mae! That name would've fweaked me out, too. Glad you and Tim came up with Andi.
And let us not forget, my little cousin, that you always wanted to wear your "fastshoes" instead of church shoes and wanted a fishbuguh at McDonald's. I've probably got more on you where those came from! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am the Mom of 5 kiddos 6 and under. My girls both of whom are in speech therapy mix up so many things. Our favorite will always be "bleeding cutie" instead of Sleeping Beauty.

Jenn said...

That is precious! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The FIFTEEN year old just noticed a sign going into the Target Plaza in Chantilly for a restaurant she pronounced "Jenna His Grill". Take a peek the next time you drive by there and see if you can spot the REAL name. The twelve year old, the one without the IEP, who is on high honor roll, asked what "hoookey" (rhymes with spooky) was last week. I was worried that he saw some illegal thing on the internet and then realized he was reading "hookey" in Tom Sawyer. Whew!
Happy Anniversary! Jinx, I'll buy you a diet Coke!
Love, Your "Lovely and Talented" Friend

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant w Brooks (in the heat of Summer 2002, his Bday is7/21!!! Yeah, he OWES me!) I had to wear those awful compression hose for varicose veins (did I mention he was born in July, in TX, and I was wearing HOSE at 9 mos pregnant??!! Yeah, he owes me BIGTIME!) and Mallory, at 2 1/2, was so confused. I finally just told her mommy had to wear them because of a "boo boo." So, FOREVER, pantyhose or tights became boo in, "mommy, don't forget to put on your boo boos!" I think the child was nearly 10 before she knew that pantyhose and tights are not called "boo boos."
To this day, however, we do still refer to them
As such. Made wearing those darn 9 mos pregnant, IN THE SUMMER.... a lot more tolerable when I had a sweet baby girl asking me if my "boo boos were making me all better?" sweet memory. Kristen :)