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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Snow Daybook: March 18, 2013

Outside my window:
It's snowing.  On March 18th.  Yes, it is.
I am thinking:
about the dream I had last night that I ate all of the icing off of a bunch of cupcakes.  Last night all of my kids got dessert at our dinner out to celebrate their sports wins.  I rarely ever order dessert, but apparently I have been doing a lot of stealing from my children's plates in the past. I had to sit on my hands. 

I am thankful:
for one more dance on the basketball court with our favorite coach and for one more championship.  Although we love that extra trophy, it doesn't compare to memories of a team that played with perfection and especially to buddies for life.

I am wearing:
new pjs from Target.  I think I have more pjs than Hugh Hefner.  These are really soft and they don't make me itch. YAY! And they're perfect for staying in for hours on this snowy day.
I am listening to:
the dishwasher hum, the washing machine churn and ESPN NCAA basketball bracket discussions.  Too lazy to find the remote.
I am going:
to find my Costco coupon for the giant size OxyClean.  It's time, y'all.  The white baseball pants are doomed.
I am wondering:
if when Spring Break begins a week from today, it will actually be spring.
I am reading:
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
I am hoping:
to get all the activities on the calendar, get all the carpools worked out and to take a deep breath and know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and with a full tank of gas.
I am looking forward to:
a week of sleeping in next week.
I am pondering:
March Madness.  Two years ago I won $300 in my Chicks Only Pool with my sorority sisters because I took Joe's basketball coach's advice and picked UConn and that boy apparently CANNOT lose.  First, he said Duke, but I made a face because BORING.  So, he tells me to pick Miami.  And I will, because that boy apparently CANNOT lose.  But I will have a hard time cheering for Miami because in 1991, I sat at the Cotton Bowl freezing my tail off, while those punks from Miami beat my Texas Longhorns.  And perhaps, it takes me a little while or 22 years to get over things like that.
On my Ipod:
Will Smith singing Miami, because there is no song about Duke and I am committed now and plan to sing this all the way to the bank.  And if not, at least I can imagine that I am in Miami while I freeze my tail off in Virginia today.
Around the house:
smelly basketball uniforms, smelly baseball uniforms and empty gatorade bottles to clean out of smelly coolers.
I am praying:
for those of us who sometimes struggle during the winter months.  It was a gloomy weekend.  I have a touch of that SAD thing going on and I want to be grateful for seasons and grateful for each moment. I was ridiculously busy this weekend, which I think helped.  I'm getting better at winter each year.  Let's ride it out, friends.  The sun will come out soon.  Count on His grace in the darkness.  It is there.
A verse for today:
"My beloved spoke and said to me, 'Arise my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.  See!  The winter's past, the rains are over and gone'." - Song of Songs 2:10-11.  I found this here this morning. 
One of my favorite things:
My sister-in-law, who fought the good fight and found her way to the finish line after 13.1 miles.  SHE ROCKS.

A few plans for the week:
Little League practice begins, five more days until SPRING BREAK, preparing for Easter, someone special's birthday is coming.
A peek into my day:

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Tracy said...

Jenn - so funny about the Oxy Clean...I actually have 1 tub in the cabinet above my washing machine so it's ready with each baseball pants load and 3 huge boxes waiting to be used since I go through it so fast during baseball season! Fels Naptha bar soap (can only find at Walmart) is also a must for the pre-treating of the pants for the slide into 2nd, 3rd and home plate stains! Love that it's baseball season!