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Friday, March 1, 2013

{this moment}: Coach 'Em Up

{this moment}:  A Friday ritual.  A single photo of a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. - Soulemama

"Put the ball IN the basket, son." 
Husband and biggest boy's basketball team plays for the Championship on Saturday night.  And I just might burst into tears, win or lose.  I am terribly sad that this is very likely the last game he will play with some boys from this family with whom he has played on and off since 2nd grade.  And I have come to adore them all.  Especially, when some of their little girlies sit close to me on the bleachers and show me pink fingernails and discuss all manner of sparkly things like earrings and dance costumes and princess crowns.
Then I realized that this is quite possibly the last time that Joe will be coached by his dad. 
These moments keep coming . . . and going.  I'm a puddle. 

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Elizabeth Foss said...

Puddling here, too. This is unbearably sad...