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Saturday, March 2, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday?

I rarely write on the weekends, but there are some birthday shout outs that I must give today.

Most importantly, it is Texas Independence Day today.  To celebrate this morning I was searching for THIS article which clearly I found because it's all highlighted in green.  But better than that was what I stumbled upon when searching for it.

On there was this question:  "Do Texans really think they're the best?  Why?" 

The very first answer listed was:  "Yes, Texans think they're the best because they're Texans."

Y'all, we can't help it.  If the article doesn't get on your nerves enough, here are my two favorite Texas maps. 
We're kidding.  Kinda.  Now, we invite everyone to just go have a bunch of chips and queso at your favorite Tex-Mex establishment or some real barbecue (which would mean NOT Carolina or Memphis) or at least go to 7-11 and get a Dr. Pepper and a Slim Jim because that's what we used to have on road trips around my beautiful state. We're classy like that.

God Bless Y'all, Texas!!!
It also came to my attention through a precious picture on Facebook of my little friend Grace, that yesterday was Justin Beiber's birthday, so I must give a swaggy shout out to JB with love and fond memories of the night Mrs. R. and I became 40ish year old teenagers
And last but certainly, not least, it is the one and only, Jon Bon Jovi's 51st birthday today which brings me very recent memories of the other night when I acted like a 40ish year old teenager. 
Now I gotta run and go get my hair cut because even though I am celebrating Texas today, I am starting to look like Lucy Ewing from Dallas and though I love my home state, I think everyone knows that would be a big mistake.
Happy Weekend, y'all!!!


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Nicole said...

Loved your "about me" section. I'm also a Longhorn, living in Houston. What a bad year to be one with the Aggies acting like they had actually won a National Championship, except they didn't. Good season, but not number 1.

When I was in college, I assumed everyone took Texas history.