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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Joe-Centric Daybook: May 6,2013


Outside  my window:
It's grey and cool.
I am thinking:
about all the little influences in my boys' life - church, academics, sports, friendships, technology, family members - as we try to raise them to be the men they can be.  I'm thinking about how one day I worry that I am gripping too tightly to try to control those things and then how the very next day I worry that I'm not gripping tightly enough.  I'm thinking maybe I need to take a breath and stop trying to see so very far down the road because I'm missing the now . . . the now that is flourishing and happy and hopeful.  The now that God wants me to live in and appreciate rather than flicking it away in anticipation of a future that only He holds.
I am thankful:
for the great joy and hope of Joe's Confirmation yesterday. (which was greater even still when we found that we had not one baseball event to run to after church.  A miracle of God, for sure.)
I am listening to:
the washing machine swishing.
I am wearing:
jeans and a pink and green madras top.
In the kitchen:
I got this.  I made a green drink.  I drank it.  It wasn't terrible.  The only problem was that I'm really an idiot and accidentally took the top off of the thing before it stopped spinning and the Juiceman turned into Linda Blair from The Exorcist.  I wore more of my green detox drink than I drank.  I know.  I go along in life thinking that I'm a relatively smart gal and then I find myself in the kitchen and wonder how I can function in the world sometimes.
I am going:
to buy some new socks for all three of my kids.  My children do not have one pair of socks without holes.  And this is where you say to yourself, "I am totally going to stop reading this blog if she doesn't stop throwing her glamorous life in my face."
I am hoping:
For Spring.  For real, like everyday.  Not for one day or two days a week, but for like the whole darn season, please.  Is it Spring or is it not?  Because one day I wear sandals and the next I need boots.  And I'm pretty sure that there are many more important things that I could hope for that have nothing to do with my First World Footwear problems.
I am reading:
Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos
I am wondering:
if Drew was really touched and inspired by Joe's confirmation ceremony.  He had a sleepover for a buddy's birthday Saturday night . . . in which there was, as is the case with 8 year old sleepovers, no sleep.

I am pondering: 
this article from Proverbs 31 Devotions.  I need to read this over and over and over again.
I am looking forward to:
visiting the George W. Bush library on the campus of SMU where I spent many a summer at cheerleading camp and where Steve and I were married 18 years ago.  It is a beautiful campus and I have been so jealous of the photos my friends, Kathleen and Kristen, have posted of their visit.  I cannot wait!
I am praying:
prayers of gratitude for Joe and his Confirmation classmates, for his wonderful mentor, Keith, and for the amazing Youth leaders at our church.  God has blessed us so very much by leading us to this church.  I am so grateful for the people He has chosen to serve the youth of our community.
On my Ipod:
Justin Timberlake.  He is ridiculously talented.  RIDICULOUS.
A quote for today:
"Freedom is very transformative.  It's transformative to individuals, it's transformative to societies, it transforms the world." - George W. Bush
A verse for today: 
"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." - 2 Corinthians 3:17
One of my favorite things:

A few plans for the week:
in addition to shopping for boys' socks?  I can't really think of anything more exciting on the calendar.
A peek into my day:
It's my brother-in-law's birthday and he is one of my favorite people ever because he is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  For example, he drew my name for Christmas and gave me an awesome running jacket. (which I'm sure my sister did not pick out.  Ahem.) I was trying to knock out my Christmas Thank Yous quickly, so I sent him this incredibly boring thank you note and then Sister sent me a photo of his editorial review.

See, he's funny, right?  Happy Birthday Lieutenant Dan. (and a shout out to my nephew, James, too.  Happy 8th, buddy!)

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Anonymous said...

I grew up just about a half mile from SMU! Have fun on your trip to Dallas! Grab a burger at the Burger House for me!

Leigha Sather said...

Jen, great family picture, I LOVE your dress. Super cute!

Jenn said...

Thanks, Leigha! Hope you and your boys are having a nice Spring!!