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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Links


I could never say anything more beautiful than THIS.

I hope, like me, that each and every line that Ann Voskamp writes here made you say, "Oh, this.  Yes.  This is mine.  This is my mom." 

As a child, I figured every mom was like mine.  I have found that not all are, but most want to be and sometimes their own brokenness or pain makes it too hard.  If you don't see your own mom in Ann's words, I hope you are able to know that God can help us be this person, even if we don't have children.  We can all love like this. 

And these words, these are you, Mom, to the core. 

(God made a mother) "who  believes that raising generations matters and weaving families matters and tying heartstrings matters and these people here in hidden places matter." 

"It had to be someone willing to keep loving when it made no sense because that's what love does."

This is how my mom loves even those who are not her children.  Even those who haven't given love back.  This is how she lives.  This is how God made her.  I am so very grateful He did.

Read Ann Voskamp, mommies, and then listen to THIS and have a blessed day.

I'm off to the ball field.  Later skaters!!

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