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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Give Up on a Wednesday Daybook: October 16, 2013

Outside my window:
It's cloudy and grey.
I am thinking:
about failing and feeling like a big ol' loser and asking God to help me remember that everyone has gifts and that mine, no matter how hard I try, ARE MOST DECIDEDLY NOT:
In the kitchen:

About 5 minutes ago, I tried to make banana pudding.  Probably the most simple recipe for banana pudding ever in the history of the world.  I called my mother three times during the making of the pudding.  I read the words she had written out for me on the recipe card 100 times.  Over and over.  It wasn't right. WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I DO, MOM?  IT'S ALL RUNNY.  THERE IS NO CHANCE THIS IS GOING TO LAYER.  YES, I PUT IN THE PUDDING AND THE MILK AND THE COOL WHIP.  YES, OF COURSE, I DID.
Oh.  I'm supposed to buy instant pudding.  INSTANT and COOK AND SERVE are not the same thing.  Regular moms know these things.  I think I even knew this thing, but I still messed it up.  Some things are hard for me.  Even easy things are hard for me sometimes.  This is why I'm doing a daybook on a Wednesday at 3:30 pm even though I don't have time to blog today.  Blogging doesn't seem as hard as instant vs. cook and serve.  Right now instant vs. cook and serve seems like rocket science.
I am thankful:
for all the people who are working so hard for children with cancer and for their siblings through the Gavin Rupp Open golf tournament.  I am especially thankful for my new friend Randi, who sat with me for almost 3 hours at Panera until we were giggly and cross-eyed putting volunteers' names into little grids on an Excel.  By the way, I know Excel might be very 1990s, but for a gal who hasn't worked in an office in 20 years, I would put Excel right next to pudding on the list of things that seem like rocket science to me. 
I am wearing:
jeans, black t-shirt, a white, green and black striped scarf, sandals
I am listening to:
I am going:
to quit while I'm ahead and order pizza for dinner.
I am reading:
My Community Bible Study study of Romans and my Beth Moore study of James
I am hoping:
for sunshine on Monday for the golf tournament we've been planning
I am looking forward to:
seeing all the high school kids dressed up for Homecoming on Saturday night.
I am learning:
"Out of God's astounding grace, a very imperfect person can still receive a delightfully perfect gift precisely because it's perfect for her.  God's gifts are given with goals.  They're perfect because they're perfecting.  They don't just give today.  They give toward every tomorrow." - Beth Moore
I am praying:
for my friend who lost her father-in-law this week, for her husband who lost his dad and for her children who, by all accounts, lost their hero.  This man showed up to every basketball game, every soccer game, every ballet recital.  One didn't have to know him at all to see the love he had for his family.  Please pray for this family this week and read Elizabeth's wonderful tribute to him here.  In fact, read it to your sons.  This is what a man looks like.
On my Ipod:
I heard this song, When I Leave the Room, by Natalie Grant for the first time on the radio today.  Get a tissue.  Sobbing.
I am wondering:
if my head might explode due to schedule changes this week.  EXPLODE, I tell you.
I am pondering:
"Honor Him by rejoicing in the good things He's given you and your household.  Don't try to ignore them in the name of humility.  Pride takes credit.  Glory gives credit." - Beth Moore again
A verse for today:
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. - James 1:17
One of my favorite things:
getting a surprise on a morning run down the neighborhood streets and smiling for the rest of the run.  Somebody's coming home!


A peek into my day: 
He likes it!  Hey, Mikey!


Anita said...

We can all "identify"...some days it's better just to throw in the towel, end the frustration, and put the task off for another day. There's a lesson for us in every experience, though. I smiled as I read your pudding experience.
I pray that today goes better for you.
Gavin Rupp: we carried him on our church prayer list, and were all sorry to hear that he passed away, but we rejoice that he is now with his Lord; that's the glorious outcome we all put our hope in.

Anonymous said...

Ford's Fish Shack has some banana pudding on the menu right now. Treat yourself!
Mrs. C.

allisamazing said...

I have made that pudding mistake myself! I loved your quote - it definitely is a great reminder and helps put things in perspective! Have a great week :)