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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Fall Lovin' Preview Post of 2013

It showed up.  Fall is here.  I'm freezing my Texan tail off today.  Only four days ago, it was hot as fire while I was running a race and then sitting in the blazing sun watching baseball.  That kind of October is completely up my alley.  But, alas, all good things come to an end and Fall came in yesterday with cloudy skies and pouring down rain.  This is not my kind of Fall, but I know that Virginia will come through for me soon and I will be stunned by how God changes the trees into breathtaking beauty and shows me a burnt orange sunset that will warm up my Texas Longhorn heart.

So, this weather change brings me to my fall fashion and other fall favorites research that will become the now annual Fall Lovin' post at The View from Behind Home Plate.  (Tens of tens of people are holding their breaths in anticipation, I know.)  I started my research as most great thinkers and scholars do, in the aisle at Target where I went to buy the October InStyle to see which of the 253 New Fall Looks it advertised I might be able to pull off.

If you visited this post last year, you'll recall that JLo and her full body lace fall dress threw me off my game a bit.  This year the classy and appropriately dressed Julianne Moore graced the cover of my October InStyle.  The clothes were not as confusing as JLo's ensembles, so they don't lend themselves to much commentary, except to say that I would need to sell my house and live under a bridge to afford any of them.

This is what I will tell you about the beautiful Julianne Moore. This photo shoot seemed to be flat out perplexing* to her.  She has mastered a face that could accompany every synonym for the word stunned that my Merriam-Webster Thesaurus could possibly compile.

For example, I don't know what kind of information she is getting in this phone call, but she clearly had no idea that the person on the other end was going to throw her for a loop like this.  She is completely flummoxed.* Perhaps, she is hearing that she has to buy the preschool a new Clifford Goes to School flip book because her child wrote his name on every single page.  Perhaps she got a call that even though it is pouring down freezing rain, she can bet her boots that no one will cancel the baseball game until the last possible second. (Not that I have ever received a phone call like that, because my children are perfect and I never mind sitting in the metal bleachers during a monsoon.)

After the phone call our girl, Julianne, looked out the window and was further stumped* by whatever she saw here.  I'm not sure what is happening, but based on the last time I stood around in my family room drinking water in my Dries Van Noten Viscose top, I'm pretty sure she is thinking, "I am quite puzzled* that I have told him 6,023 times and he is still riding that scooter without a helmet."   I don't know about you, but I'm glad that's a glass of water rather than red wine because I'm pretty sure she is dumbfounded* enough that she might drop her drink all over her ostrich feathered top.  (Not that I drink red wine while my kids are riding scooters.)

I have a pretty good idea what's happening here.  There is much dismay going on because a few different things could be happening.  Julianne is thinking either:

"I cannot believe that those four people who live in my house are going to want to eat dinner again tonight.  I cannot possibly come up with anything.  We're totally having tacos again."  


"Dear Lord, my 'Horns already lost to BYU and Ole Miss and beat Iowa State by a measly 1 point and now the Texas-OU game is in two days.  I'm not sure I can bear it." 

OR maybe what happened to me just now which is:

"Oh man.  I just remembered that I have to take Joe to that appointment in an hour which means I have to change out of my $2,265 Proenza Schouler jacket $15 Old Navy pajamas and go pick him up."

I'll be back next week with the real Fall Lovin' post in which I will try to find photos of non-dazed* and confused* models.  Right now, I've got to get ready to meet my son in the high school parking lot in about 30 minutes so we can go to the orthodontist.  This will involve leaving the house in the pouring down rain and that might just be enough to push Julianne and me over the edge.
*In case you're wondering THIS is a very helpful website.


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