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Monday, October 28, 2013

World Series Hangover Daybook: Mon, October 28, 2013

Outside my window:
It's sunny and cold and perfectly beautiful from inside this house.
I am thinking:
that the World Series is going to kill me.  I had already watched two baseball games and spent three hours in the car yesterday.  I was falling asleep with my little man's feet in my lap by the 4th inning.  I had decided to call it a night and was quite close to sleep when Jonny Gomes hit a 3 run homer and my house erupted into Boston Strong mayhem.  Soooo tired, Jonny. Could you have done that earlier in the game, son?
I am thankful:
for sitting on the couch under one roof with three healthy boys and one healthy husband.  The health of my people is a gift I do not take lightly.
In the kitchen:
This debacle:

People, I graduated near the top of my class in high school, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and I have a Masters Degree.  Why in Sam Hill can I NOT get my mom's famous bundt cake to come out of the pan correctly?  WHY?????  
My husband's answer to this question: "You're a really nice person."
I am wearing:
a neon orange running jacket, black running pants, running shoes.  Please warm up out there or this outfit is all for naught.
I am listening to:
Access Hollywood where Dean McDermott is talking about how he and Tori Spelling have such financial problems that he can't get a vasectomy and that everyday he wakes up he loves her more and more.  I'm not judging.  Honestly, I'm sure he's lovely, but dear sweet Jesus where is the remote control?
I am going:
to buy some Halloween decorations.  Better late than never.
I am reading:
Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl
I am hoping:
for the weather to hang in there for our last week of baseball and give us one more week of semi-warm temperatures.
I am looking forward to:
basketball season in a warm, dry gym.
I am learning:
that working with Kyle's Kamp in the area of raising awareness and funds for Pediatric Cancer is going to be fulfilling and wonderful at the same time that it is going to be brutal and unspeakably hard.  At the first committee meeting, I was told that a lot of folks don't want to look this in the face because it is practically unbearable.  To meet these children who suffer and to hug their parents is forcing me to keep my gaze fixed.  I knew we were losing children before, but now I cannot look away.  We lost Gabriella Miller, a Leesburg girl fighting brain cancer a mere six days after a triumphantly successful day of honoring Gavin Rupp who we also lost to brain cancer.  This is not stopping.  I am not God and I cannot control the universe, but I am learning that He is teaching me that no matter how much my heart feels crushed, I can't turn back now.
I am praying:
for Gabriella's family and friends, for strength and hope for a struggling college student, for the health of a dear friend of my mom's, for many friends who struggle with family issues.  Life can be hard.  My prayer list is long.  I'm praying to rest in the hope that He hears.
On my Ipod:
For too many children we have lost to cancer: NeedtoBreathe's Shine On
I am wondering:
how the elementary school felt about my listing the tardy excuse for Drew this morning as we're just so sleepy.  This seemed only slightly better than my other two options:  Red Sox in the World Series or Husband Yells JONNY GOMES! and KOJI! and BIG PAPI! at insane hours of the night.
I am pondering:
if my children will grow up knowing how to make a two-strike adjustment and get a bunt down, but not how to start a dishwasher, pack a toothbrush or MAKE A BED, FOR THE LOVE OF TED WILLIAMS!  I have some serious work to do in the life skills department. 
A quote for today:
"The bottom line for James is that real faith is demonstrative.  The Spirit surfaces sooner or later. . . You and I are free from the law.  But if we are "free" to live continually and completely absent of all signs of Christ's Spirit in us, something is dead wrong." -Beth Moore in The Study of James:  Mercy Triumphs
A verse for today:
"You see that faith was active together with his works and by works, faith was perfected." - James 2:22
One of my favorite things:
a note from an old long time friend telling me that my writing blesses her.  I have told myself over and over and over again that human accolades for what I write are not why I write and that is the truth. I can only concern myself with what is pleasing to God.  But, I'm human and a note saying that what I write matters feels good especially when it comes on a day when I am struggling with purpose for my writing and determining what path is the right one to take.  Huge tears of gratitude fell down my face at that simple note.  It reminds me that telling folks thank you or I liked what you did or I appreciate you are some of the most important words you will ever speak. Go tell someone today. 
A few plans for the week:
two of my favorite people in the world have a birthday this week:  my brother-in-law who is turning the big 2-0 or something like that and the lovely and talented Mrs. C. who deserves, as she would call it, A GIANT BOWL OF HAPPY JOY.  Both of these two would love a Red Sox World Championship which brings me to: 
A peek into my day:
Dear Jacoby,
Remember when my husband surprised me on Valentine's Day and said he was taking me out of the brutal winter of Virginia to a romantic vacation in sunny Florida?  And remember how it was all a ruse because we ended up in Fort Meyers for Spring Training?  But remember how I secretly LOVED it and decided you were my fave?  And then remember how you accidentally hit that girl with the baseball you threw and all the paramedics came over and then you came out to give her apologies and pictures and bats and T-shirts and all that stuff so that you wouldn't get sued?  And remember how my husband was cursing himself for not throwing me in front of that ball so that he could have walked off with all that swag?  Look, everyone thinks you're my favorite because you are so dreamy and handsome and though that is the truth, I do know a thing or two about baseball now.  And you, Cutie Pie, are a darn good ball player.  I know that you haven't had the best series ever, but tonight is your night, buddy.  Hit one out for me - aim at my head.  I won't even duck.


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