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Monday, November 4, 2013

Buh-Bye Baseball Daybook: Monday, November 4, 2013

Outside my window:
God is showing off.  I'm not sure it could be more beautiful.
I am thinking:
Of how baseball really messes with my emotions, especially as a mom of three people who I love so fiercely and especially when the three play ten games in one weekend in five different ballparks. In one day we can have a boy with a medal around his neck and a boy crushed by hitting into the final out of the game.  I can have the same boy go 5 for 5 at the plate one day and 0 for 4 the next.  I can use the same hands to give victorious high fives that an hour later might be used to wipe tears and hug tight.  I guess it's kinda the good, the bad and the ugly around here.  I'm tired.
I am thankful:
to see fall baseball season fade into the brilliant autumn trees - I think.  Good-bye for now, my dysfunctional friend.  I am thrilled and devastated to see you go.  You love us and hate us all at once and we feel exactly the same.  We'll see you in April when we will welcome you back with open gloves, shiny cleats and clean baseball pants.
In the kitchen:
is a mess of half empty Gatorade bottles, stinking mini-coolers, empty OxyClean spray bottles and a sink full of baseball pants soaking in clouds of rust colored dirt.
I am wearing:
All Nike -black running pants, pink running shoes, black running jacket.
I am listening to:
boys playing wiffle ball in the backyard.  You can take a boy off the baseball field, but you can't take the baseball field out of the boy (or something like that)
I am going:
to clean out my closet today and spend an enormous amount of time in the laundry room.  It's very glamorous around here.
I am reading:
Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl  and lots of catch up reading in the book of James and the book of Romans.
I am hoping:
for a practice-less week and a chance to eat dinner together a few times this week.
I am looking forward to:
not hearing another political ad on tv for a long time after the elections tomorrow.  All of y'all are getting on my nerves.
I am learning:
so very much from the courage and beauty of Mathias.

I am praying:

prayers of strength for Kyle H. who is fighting leukemia like a champ and is having a spinal tap today, prayers of gratitude for my joy-filled, easy-going brother-in-law who celebrated his 50th birthday and a World Series win this weekend and prayers that I might conjure up a bit more than the will power of an ant today after a weekend full of Halloween candy and this birthday cake.

On my Ipod:. 
The Best by John Ondrasik for my favorite coach and his boys.
I am wondering:
if I can sneak all the Halloween candy out of the house before I start in on the M&Ms again. 
I am pondering:
the wisdom of this article on marriage.
A quote for today:

"I wondered why somebody didn't do something.  Then I realized, I am somebody." - Tom "Tattoo Tom" Mitchell of
A verse for today:
"Praise to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble, with the comfort we ourselves receive from God." - 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (emphasis mine as a reminder to me or you, if you wish :)
One of my favorite things:
little brothers at the ball field, even when they don't belong to me.

A few plans for the week:
a pediatric cancer fundraiser in Leesburg for Team Mathias , a Kyle's Kamp committee meeting, a couple of Bible study sessions, and the littlest one in my house gets a bit bigger when he turns nine years old on Friday.

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