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Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Special Addendum for my real Aunt "Edna"

Ok, I don't really have an Aunt Edna or an Uncle Albert.  What I do have is an Aunt Marilyn and an Uncle Tom.  And they are two of the greatest, most generous, most loving and most joyful people you would ever want to be around.  And their children, my cousins, and their grandchildren and their children's significant others also happen to be some of my favorite people in all the world as well.  I have even found that the newest significant other, even after I had known her for exactly five minutes, was certain to become another of MY people, so precious was she.

Also, one does not want to cross Aunt Edna.  Especially me.

I mentioned our Vegas for Kids extravaganza yesterday with one side of my family which includes cousins and uncles and all manner of wonderful people.  And one would think that a slide show of our Texas Thanksgiving Extravaganza would include mention and photos of the time we spent during the week with Aunt Edna/Marilyn and Uncle Albert/Tom - again, two of the greatest, most generous and most joyful people you would ever be around.  But here's the problem:

Uncle Albert/Tom served up the best margarita that his niece has ever had in her entire 44 years when we met for cocktails at Edna/Marilyn and Albert/Tom's lovely home after our tour of the Bush Library.  A margarita which caused said niece to very easily remember to take a to go cup in the car as we rushed down the road to Dallas Country Club so that all twenty four of us could gather around and bask in the glow of our wonderfulness.  A margarita which also caused said niece to forget to bring her phone so that she could capture pictures of the wonderfulness.

The kids had a blast playing basketball and jumping in bounce houses and drinking all manner of caffeinated beverages.  The adults had a blast catching up, laughing until our sides ached, sitting around a huge table full of food and wine and a large Diet Coke for she who had to stop at only one of the best margaritas in all the world.

At one point, my mom looked out at all of the love and looked at me and said, "To think that of all of this . . . this huge family.  At one time, out of all these people here, it was just your Uncle Tom and me.  And now, look at all of this."

And I did. I looked out at all of this.  I took a moment to look at my cousins and their people.  I looked at my sister and her husband who makes me laugh until I cry.  I looked at my uncle, who besides making the best margarita ever, tells the best joke you've ever heard which is about a string.  Yes, it's about a string and I laugh every.single.time.  I looked at my mom and my aunt whose heads were pressed together like they always are because they have been two peas in a pod for as long as I can remember.  I looked at my cousin's wife, Laura, who I think I could sit and chat with for an entire week.  Drew thinks so, too, because in the car on the way home he said, "Mom, what is the blond girl's name again? The one who sat next to Pop and was so nice when I hurt my hand? (big sigh) I.LOVE.HER."  I looked at all the precious little boys and girls snatching cookies from the buffet table.  I took a moment to marvel at all of this.   

(Big Sigh).  I.LOVE.THIS.  Oh, yes, I surely do.

See you soon, Aunt Edna and Uncle Albert.  Get those limes ready and that salt and that Jose Cuervo.  We'll be back soon.

Photo Credit Below:  A photo taken of beautiful Highland Park Village by Sister who did not have a to-go-world -class-margarita in her hand as we drove to meet the family and therefore was able to capture the only photo of the evening.  Her loss, I'd say.

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