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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year's Resolution #2: The Search for the Next Coach Eric Taylor


I believe I have mentioned my diet Coke resolution for 2014 a couple or fifty-three times.  But there is another goal for 2014 that Steve and I have set upon together.  Perhaps, you are thinking that we are resolving to do more charity work, exercise together, take a cooking class and/or read the Bible together in 2014.  Those would be admirable ideas and perhaps we'll do some of those.  But it appears that my life partner and I have the very lofty and socially responsible goal of watching more TV.

Please hold your applause.

Now look.  Ever since the tragedy that befell our home when the best TV show of all time, Friday Night Lights, ended, we have not been able to find a show that we enjoy watching together.  And this makes me sad. 

Actually, my saying that what I find to be lacking in my marriage is quality time staring at the TV is possibly a bit sad in and of itself.  Perhaps, I'll ponder that a little further at another time.

What I'm going to need from you, dear readers, is a little help in this endeavor.  We just found this new fangled thing called Netflix.  Oh my gosh.  You can just punch up some full seasons of all kinds of shows right there on your TV any ol' time you want!  I know regular people have known about this technology for awhile.  But we are just clawing our way out of the deep, dark period of grief that came with realizing that the Dillion Panthers/Lions was a fake team and that Coach Taylor wouldn't be a viable candidate for the University of Texas coaching job.  Tim Riggins and Buddy Garrity are lost to us forever, so we aren't quite sure where to start with our TV binge watching goal.  We need assistance. 

Now I, individually, have not been lacking all that much in the TV watching department.  So, before you give me any suggestions I'm going to give you a little peek into what I've been sifting through on my DVR while I endure the torture that is my treadmill.  This way you'll know my TV program tastes so that you can make suggestions for my maximum viewing pleasure and as a bonus, my list might give you some ideas if you are feeling like embarking on the commendable objective to watch more TV as well. 

(How 'bout that?  When you stumbled onto the blog this morning, you just had no idea what kind of surprising blessings God was going to throw your way today, did you?  A post about what I like to watch on TV?!  I know you are just beside yourself.)

I'm going to point out that it is a rare show that I watch that does not contain a former cast member from Friday Night Lights.  It is quite comforting to me and I am happy to see that my people have moved on with their careers.  Still I sorta feel like they are all cheating on Coach Taylor.

Here's what I have been watching with some vital information for you if you want to add watching one of these into your life:

Pros:  I adore this show. A lot of people I know think it's too sappy, but I like a little sap.  I think there is some real quality acting on this show, especially by some of the kids including Max, Sydney and Victor.  Joel and Julia's marriage problems are just about to put me over the edge and the way Joel looks like he's going to cry tears me up. 
Cons: The cast likes to talk over each other and I guess that is some sort of hip style that is supposed to be more realistic, but if the people in my house interrupted each other and rambled on like the Bravermans all do at once, I would be sending everyone to a separate room and downing a bottle of wine every night.
Characters Who Get on My Last Nerve:  Sarah.  For the love, act like a grown-up. 
FNL Alum:  It's a virtual Dillion High reunion.  Vince, Vince's Girlfriend, Lyla, Luke and Craig T. Nelson who was not on FNL, but was the coach in All the Right Moves and somehow that seems relevant.

Pros:  All of it.  The storylines.  The characters. Olivia Pope and the President.  Olivia Pope and Jake.  Huck and his terribly sad past.  Cyrus, the Chief of Staff, who is such a snake you cannot even believe how low he'll stoop.  Millie, the First Lady, who is just all kinds of awful that you just love her and hate her all at once.  Olivia Pope's white wardrobe and white fabulous furniture and her ability to not spill a drop of her gigantic glass of wine on them may just be worth watching all by themselves.  There has not been a single episode that has not made me gasp.
Cons: As if there aren't enough confusing twists and turns, they try to be all cool and smarty-pantsy by talking really fast which means you've got to give yourself plenty of time because you're going to have to rewind A TON.
Characters Who Get on My Last Nerve: Abby, the red-haired, bitter, snarky girl.  She thinks she's a little too cool for school. 
FNL alum:  None.  This show is still fairly new, so I am holding out hope that Coach Taylor will show up as a political consultant.

Pros:  Tammy Taylor of FNL stars as country superstar, Rayna James and Tammy Taylor's Fabulous Hair co-stars as Rayna James's Fabulous Hair.  Also, a major pro is the very talented, very troubled Deacon, who I have decided is my true life best friend because the actor who plays him is the real life cousin of my friend, Holly, and I like to make absurd leaps like that.  The music is really, really good even to a gal who does not claim to like country music all that much.
Cons:  I'm sad about this but it's getting a little bit, well, dumb and Days of Our Lives-ish.  I think the guy who plays the corrupt father of Rayna James is way too predictable and over the top, but I'm no Siskel and Ebert, so what do I know.
Characters Who Get on My Last Nerve:  Scarlett and Scarlett's hair.
FNL alum: The One and Only, my hero, Tammy Taylor.

Grey's Anatomy
Pros:  Ok, I know I am one of the last people on Earth watching this show, but I just can't quit McDreamy.  Also, as I pointed out here, I sometimes sorta kinda learn some real medical stuff.
Cons:  I'm not sure that there are any two people left who have not slept together on this show.
Characters Who Get on My Last Nerve:  Jackson's mom, only because I much preferred her in Fame
FNL Alum:  Smash plays a young doctor although he recently lost his ever lovin' mind while performing surgery and almost killed someone, so he might need to go back and ask Coach Taylor for an Assistant Coaching job.

So that's it.  I'm open to all suggestions about how I can get started on my TV watching goals.  All, I know for sure right now is that after a few years off from watching American Idol, I am planning to watch it this season because I'M IN LOVE WITH HARRY CONNICK, JR.  This might be one that I have to watch without my husband though because I'M IN LOVE WITH HARRY CONNICK, JR.  Other suggestions I have received are Homeland, Breaking Bad*, Downton Abbey, House of Cards, and Entourage.

OK, now which should it be?  Let me know either here in the comment box on the blog which no one seems to like or on Facebook.  Ready, set, go.

*A Note to My Sister:  Remember how you said you loved Breaking Bad and I said that maybe that's what I would watch and you said you weren't sure I could handle it. Listen.  When did you become Leather Tuscadero to my Joanie Cunningham?  I'm pretty sure that was you with me making up routines in your room to all the songs on the Go-Gos album and taking tennis lessons at the club in the summers.  If you can watch a show about a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer, so can I, tough guy.  I just might need to watch it during the daytime.


Kim C. said...

Hey Jenn - (this may be second comment as google kicked me out)....our family loves our TV series! Couple great options: Fringe and Prison Break. We are mid Revolution right now and anxiously awaiting The Walking Dead. For some comic relief, we watched a few episodes of Seinfield last Sunday and it was great fun to laugh with the kids over the same jokes we laughed at over 15 years ago....see you round the diamond once it warms up!

Jenn said...

Kim, Thanks for persevering and commenting! I don't know why people have so much trouble commenting here. Guess I'll have to get one of my tech experts (i.e. teenagers) to figure it out! Thanks for the ideas. I love watching old shows with the kids. We've watched tons of the Cosby Show together = so fun. Can't wait for the warm weather and baseball! Blessings to you!