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Monday, February 24, 2014

Thinking, Wondering, Praying for: Mathias

I've got some sort of wicked stomach flu that has forced me to my bed for the past two days.  I thought I was back this morning, but then I realized that after moving a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer I feel very similar to what I felt like after running the Army 10 Miler, except a million times worse.  My legs and my head and my fingers hurt, so I am about to go back to bed, but I had to come to this space quickly because if I had it in me to write a Daybook today I would have only been thinking, wondering, pondering and praying for the charming, adorable, brave Mathias.

I have mentioned Mathias here a number of times. Mathias is fighting osteosarcoma.  He has a smile that melts your heart and a courage that astounds your soul. Mathias, though exhausted from treatment, came out to Kyle's Kamp's Gavin Rupp Open in October and stayed out at Hole #15 with Gavin's dad for the entire day, chatting with golfers and helping them with their putting.  He, at that time, had yet to be fitted for his prosthetic leg.  Later that week, my children and I watched a video of him learning to walk on his new leg.  My 13 year old said, "Dude, that's awesome.  That makes me think if I have a headache or something, I better just cowboy up."   Mathias, though I'm sure he would rather not be, serves as a lesson for my boys in courage, hope and perspective.

Mathias had his most recent scans last Thursday.  The news was not at all what anyone wanted to hear.  The tumors in his chest have grown.  He and his family will travel to an osteosarcoma specialist in North Carolina soon.

Please flood heaven with prayers for a miracle and for peace and strength and hope and any other synonym you might find in your thesaurus.

I'm going back to bed now and I'm going to dream some gigantic dreams for Mathias and his family.

God bless you, Giordanos.  You are covered in love and prayer today.

Also, if you are in the Northern Virginia area, please consider playing in the Team Mathias Golf Tournament on April 9th.  Click HERE to register.


Christine R said...

Team Sabrina's praying for Mathias! <3

stillbrave100 said...

Tattoo Tom and the Renegades stand strong with Mathias and his family.