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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Snow Daybook: March 17/18, 2014

Outside my window:
I am sitting in the waiting room of Rip City, an indoor baseball facility.  Outside the window in front of me are baseball players hitting and throwing. Outside the window behind me is almost a foot of snow.
I’m thinking:
about my mom who loves St. Patrick’s Day and always seemed to make it special for us and about how it shouldn’t be snowing on St. Patrick’s Day.
I am thankful:
 for sleeping late two days in a row after a very busy weekend.  Ok, snow day, I loved you a little bit.  Also, for the incredible generosity of the folks who attended Kyle's Kamp Casino Night.
I am wearing:
A green Texas Longhorn shirt which says Kiss Me I’m a Longhorn, jeans and snowboots
I am listening to:
Seinfeld on the TV in the waiting room, the ping of metal bats hitting baseballs
In the kitchen:
St. Paddy’s Day cupcakes.
 I am going:
To fill out my Chicks Only bracket for March Madness and try with all my might to be reasonable about the chance of my Texas Longhorns. 
I am pondering:
“As we exercise the faith God has given us, we are able to see ourselves as God sees us and avoid either of two extremes – feeling superior or inferior.  To overestimate your importance or your role in the body of Christ does great harm to its proper functioning.  It is equally insidious to underestimate your role – assuming  a false humility, depreciating your God given ability to contribute to the body of Christ and congratulating yourself on your humble spirit when you are, in fact, refusing to believe God.  God has gifted each of us in some way that will help build up other believers.  A low opinion of our talents, gifts, and ability to contribute does not please God or help God’s people.  Why not ask God what He has gifted you to do?” – Community Bible Study – Romans Study Guide
A verse for today:
“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” – 1 Corinthians 12:7
I am wondering:
if you would like an update on the "What blood disorder did Chachi have on Happy Days?" dilemma from last week's Daybook.  Some of you likely read the Daybook and went right on with your day.  Some of you googled furiously and texted me answers.  To those friends, I say, "You are my people."  Sandy discovered that Chachi had diabetes.  Sister discovered that Scott Baio played a hemophiliac in an afterschool special or a very special TV movie, something like that.  It takes a village, friends.
I am reading:
Wild by Cheryl Staryed
I am learning:
That the great majority of folks in the world are good and generous and doing the best they can.
A quote for today:
"But I’m here to say that God is sovereign and good. When I can see the good. And when I can’t see the good." ~Shawn Kuykendall
I am looking forward to:
a steaming, hot summer day at the ballpark where we are huddling under the shade of trees and soaking towels in ice water to put on the shoulders of baseball players baking in the outfield.  Honestly, I will not breathe a negative word about the heat this summer. Not one.
On my Ipod:
I cannot stop listening to NeedtoBreathe.  THIS is one of my favorite songs.
One of my favorite things:
This little leprechaun who isn’t quite as little anymore, but who burst into my room in the dark early hours of this morning, crying that he didn’t want to go to college and leave his daddy and me.  That’ll be just fine by me.  Just fine, but being that he is only nine, he might change his mind.

A few plans for the week:
There should be a number of baseball games which are on hold as we await the spring, orthodontist appointments,  and I need to be back in my Romans study.  I am way, way behind.
A peek into my day:

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